Re-emergence of unpopular uncultured PNC policies (Pt 1)

first_imgDear Editor,In 1988, many key stakeholders in Guyana invited the Carter Center to address the overwhelming epidemic disease of democracy, called ‘Rigging of National and Regional Elections’. Over the previous 26, the Peoples National Congress (PNC) as the controlling Government, had cultured, ingrained, and utilized this and other clandestine approaches to impose far too many brutal told and untold sufferings on the people of this nation.Coupled with the decades of exhibited poor performance by the PNC Government, the situation regarding uncontrolled cheating during elections had become alarming in epic and unparalleled proportions. The results were not only crippling to the country’s development, but they also threatened Guyana’s alliances with partners both regionally and globally. By then, international interventions were way over due, and they served to realize positions that were mutually acceptable on national and international levels.The Carter Center, and the Price Waterhouse served as key mediators in providing recommendations, and in engaging key stakeholders of the then Desmond Hoyte Led PNC Party and the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP). The agreed prescription and recommended treatment for the infectious rigging informed a balanced platform and realized a considerable fair-minded mechanism for the operations of the Guyana Election Commission.Notably, the key stakeholders concluded many discussions of critical matters during a period which necessitated the postponement of National and Regional Elections for two years. The formula to elect the Chairman of the Commission and the process to employ staff of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) were all put in place, advancing the more valiant initiatives to eradicate the ‘Rigged Elections’ infection that had plagued our nation for decades. The epidemic was virtually exterminated, which led to a very progressive Guyana in the decades leading up to 2015.Today, under President Granger’s PNC dominated coalition Government, we are witnessing the re-emergence of this disease. Its fertilisation is now being openly advanced by the many unpopular uncultured PNC policies, which certainly undermines the agreed balance intended in the tested and proved constitutional changes. GECOM’s Secretariat is now administering many of the required activities in a most unprofessional manner that absolutely diminishes the nation’s trust and confidence.Sincerely,Neil Kumarlast_img

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