“Opatija – Imperial City” as a great example of how to tell a story in tourism

first_imgThe story goes something like this… The Lumiere brothers who made films in Opatija, Isadora Duncan who danced inspired by the flickering wind of the Opatija palm trees, Empress Sissy who was officially never in Opatija, but “unofficially” hid in her villas in the company of lovers and many other celebrities from the history of this area “come to life” again in mid-July thanks to the stage and music event “Opatija – Imperial City” which makes the whole city a stage for a fantastic spectacle that gathers thousands of visitors.”During this event, tourists have the opportunity to get acquainted with Opatija’s past, explore the hidden secrets of its history, check why this city has become and remains a favorite destination of world celebrities, but also feel the spirit of the time when Opatija began its rise to the throne of European tourism. The event “Opatija – Imperial City” is held throughout the city center, along the main street, coastal promenade, beautiful parks and impressive villas and on the terraces of hotels and restaurants. ” point out from the Opatija Tourist Board. This award is a great recognition of Opatija as well as an additional incentive for further development of innovations in the projects of the Tourist Board of Opatija, and for Advent in Opatija will use special multimedia effects such as 3D holograms and mapping that will provide a unique experience for all visitors.Quality content, story, rounded tourist product and excellent performance can generate a motive for arrival and a quality tourist story.The Tourist Board of the City of Opatija recently received the award “Simply the Best” in the category of innovative project in tourism for the project “Opatija – Imperial City” which was realized with the use of multimedia. “We are returning to the golden age of Opatija tourism and Opatija is becoming one big stage. The program is held on several stages, with numerous extras, dance groups and animators. In three days Opatija becomes one small Austro-Hungary”Suzi Petričić, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Opatija, points out and adds that the event is visited by thousands of tourists from the entire region. A story that takes us back to the past and through the concept of living history shows, ie revives history as it once was in Opatija during the end of the 19th century.Quality content, story, rounded tourist product and excellent performance can generate a motive for arrival and a quality tourist story. Our biggest tourist advantage is precisely our diversity, which we have to pack nicely and tell a story.Tourism consists of emotions, experiences and stories. Tell stories.last_img

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