“Aurea Fest Požega 2016” presented

first_imgAurea Fest 2016 in Požega which lasts from 28. to 3. September, was ceremoniously opened with the Festival of Customs, which this year, thanks to the numerous guardians of tradition, successfully united the beauty of customs and the splendor of bečar and bečar. Aurea Fest Požega is a successful combination of modern and traditional events, as evidenced by the seven-day events on the Holy Trinity Square and the Promenade Zone in Požega, which gather year after year more and more visitors throughout the region.The song, top wines, gastronomic offer, concerts, exhibitions, sports competitions, folklore festivals and many other entertainment programs will be held in Požega from August 28 to September 03, 2016 under the slogan 7 days, 7 nights.It all starts with a program that will take place in the promenade zone of the festival as an open musical morning called “Happy Valley” which will bring together a large number of music amateurs, music enthusiasts, music professionals and music lovers in one thematic unit. The desire is to break the Guinness Book of Records in the most massive performance of a single song. It will be a song by Queen We will rock you. The plan is to gather more than seven thousand people in one year to perform one song, and in that way promote Požega, Aurea Fest, but also the love of music.On the main stage at St. The Trinity program begins with the Festival of Customs, with a traditional folklore procession and Požega grape harvest. The festival procession is attended by historical units, city music, cultural and artistic societies of Požeština, horsemen and carriages, as well as winemakers, fruit growers and honey producers of Požeština. The opening ceremony of the festival begins at 19:00, followed by the Aurea Fest of customs, which will show and perform various customs, music and dances from the life of the people living in Slavonia. On the same evening, we will always see a witty selection for the most glamorous Šokica and the winners of the Golden Voice of the Golden Valley Kaptol 2016. Aurea Fest of street musicians and magicians will follow. various bastards, singers and musicians who will make this unusual program truly special. At the end of the program, guests will be able to watch the great feature film “Sun Kid of Recent Times” on the main stage, which shows the specifics of children with Down syndrome and how we can all change the world starting from ourselves.Aurea Fest of dance called “Let’s dance through all styles and colors” is planned for Tuesday, where various dance groups of contemporary dance, hip hop, jazz and classical ballet will perform, introducing the audience to various styles through words, movement and colors. The program begins with a program of excellent Požega majorettes who will perform with the City Music Trenkovi panduri. After the dance part of the program, “Aurea Fashion” begins – a fashion show of the guild of hairdressers and beauticians of the Association of Craftsmen of the City of Požega and the Crafts School of Požega. Wednesday, August 31st is a big treat of the Festival, the Aurea Fest Jazz. We invite you to experience the warmth of summer outdoor jazz with the top Big Band Požega who will warm up this evening and make a great introduction to the rest of the program featuring the first lady of the Croatian jazz and blues scene Zdenka Kovačiček and the fantastic International Greenhouse Blues Band.Aurea Fest of choreographed folklore, which will feature the best cultural and artistic societies of Slavonia with attractive choreographies of Croatian dances, secured their place on Thursday, September 1 on the main stage of the Festival, on Trg sv. Trinity, known for the beautiful baroque bolts that dominate this square. On the same Square, we will have a big concert by Miroslav Škora called “They call me tambourines”. Aurea Fest electronic music, which will be presented by significant representatives of electronic and house music, you will be able to visit from 24:00 in Platinum In.On Friday, 2016 famous singers of this style of music will perform at the Požega Popular Music Festival 16, and in the second part, each will perform one of their hits from one of the previous festivals in the form of a show program. The mentioned program will be able to be watched live via Agricultural Television, live stream.Aurea Fest of the Golden String of Slavonia Požega 2016 – tamburitza music festival, traditionally the most famous festival we present so far. The festival brings 16 most popular soloists and tamburitza ensembles in Croatia. The program consists of two parts, the first part of which will feature new songs, and the second part of the program hits from the past Golden Strings of Slavonia, with a live broadcast on Croatian Radio Television. The program also included daily events in the pedestrian zone from 17:00 pm to 23:00 pm with numerous tamburitza ensembles, jugglers, magicians, performers and street musicians. And every night in the agreed bars and restaurants, music of different styles and genres will be played.You can watch the live broadcast of all 7 days of the Festival on the link available on the official website of Poljoprivredna TV Požega, and you can watch the live broadcast of Aurea Fest popular music and Aurea Fest Zlatne žice Slavonije via Croatian Radio Television.All videos related to the festival can be found at the links

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