Guo Yeye the story of Links effect on the website of the 11

1. I thought Links in exchange, do not need too close to the site can exchange, in fact, the content of similar website, keywords are similar, similar to your own keyword keyword density have many advantages, and if you have your goals keywords link wheel website ranking more easily in front. I have repeatedly found that some sites need not update can have very good rankings, check the Links that links the quantity and quality are very powerful, with link correlation, link update date is also good, even if its not too much to update, the framework is not so reasonable, can have love in Shanghai favor, get good rankings.

love Shanghai, we are not unfamiliar, even in Hubei, the central region of China, all contact with the network company, did not know Wuhan Bai Jie network, and baidusa website for the love of Shanghai sales promotion citimex network, also has a domain age more than a year, as the baidusa webmaster, I also summarized a lot of Shanghai Longfeng experience. Citimex network gradually expanded, many business people have their own web site, "Wuhan love Shanghai" and "Wuhan love Shanghai" and other words of the increasingly fierce competition, baidusa website ranking is not a small impact, I pay attention to the opponent site only at the beginning of the establishment of the station, need to refer to competitors information. Now the ranking frustrated, so I had to once again to the analysis of the web site, I also have a detailed understanding of the website Links, the understanding is not innovation, if the Shanghai dragon experienced veterans, can laugh.

Links the quantity and quality of

Links correlation

Links sensitivity

3. Links sites included the number, site construction, as long as it is included in the website, I would go to exchange for a long time, some sites included the number change never happened, we can see the website is not updated, or do not meet the love of Shanghai grasp rules of little significance, this site of friendship link, can inform owners, then remove the. Guo Yeye was due to the "friendship" and insist on some of the links for more than six months, eventually make their sites hurt, love Shanghai is fair, but also sensitive, the most important is the love of Shanghai to our site

2. Links edge ball, but this point I still insist on their own views, which are prohibited Links edge ball keywords, the national order prohibited, sensitive sites I would not exchange links, Guo Yeye in Czech hundred love Shanghai to promote the work of the network to engage in such a long time, there are many seemingly normal industry is actually a pool of muddy water. In Shanghai to promote sex business at the same time, some customers find I exchange Links and help Shanghai dragon, I have been refused. The website is the webmaster display window, the generation of a website, do Shanghai, except if the site is Links sensitive, on the website of the image is a kind of damage.

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