A5 marketing research whether the webmaster understand each big search engine needs

now with the rapid development of mobile Internet, more users to the mobile terminal, the search engine is from the social point of view to review, user interaction website. The source of social platforms, new media, mobile client, users of social sharing traffic, search engine algorithm is also gradually taking into account the weight of this area, the owners have to keep abreast of the times, even if the algorithm cannot change, its purpose is the same, the starting point of all is to provide resources for the user. The user needs to get more resources from the mobile terminal, the station must turn to the mobile terminal to create resources >

core in the search engine algorithm is the user, the user is the search engine of the God, it provides the most valuable content for God, the user in the search for relevant information, the search engine needs to return the corresponding content, these contents can help the user to solve the problem, whether it is really recommend the information provided by the website, all to determine the degree of the user experience. Like Shanghai’s slogan "love Shanghai, You’ll see." users use search engines to find the corresponding information, and solve the problem, love Shanghai. You’ll see., just with problem solving and meaning. I love Shanghai is to seize the largest user demand, it should be the China largest search engine, because it captures the largest user demand.

that love needs of Shanghai is the biggest demand for the user experience, can provide a source of demand is the content of the website, the website content have to solve the problem, the search engine and will give maximum weight in the index list is displayed to the user. So the webmaster in the study of users at the same time, but also to study the needs of the search engine, it is a mechanism through which to judge the content of the website, how to give the user returns the index value. The search engine algorithm is not the same, the site is not the same not to change, with new algorithms required to search engines, webmasters need to change the operating mode, make the site better service for customers, more ways to provide content to the user.


2013 love Shanghai search engine update algorithm, Scindapsus algorithm, the original plan to pomegranate Mars, these algorithms are unified to emphasize the user experience, the site really need to provide users with resources. In the Google 15th anniversary celebration, Google announced the "hummingbird" algorithm which is three years the biggest update algorithm, hummingbird algorithm can in a more humane way to interact with the user, and provide a more direct answer. This update algorithm is the two largest search engine in succession, the webmaster can really see the needs of the search engine, and to do with the search engine website.

in recent years, in order to create a better environment of the Internet, the optimization of website of each big search engine requirements gradually increase, for the webmaster optimization of the ultimate goal is to understand the user site, Shanghai dragon optimization knowledge owners everywhere, but often they know just theory, whether what is real the search engine to understand the real needs of the webmaster, also need image analysis to analyze the user search engine.

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