Everyone Is Special In Tenth Doctor Comic Tale

first_imgThe Tenth Doctor’s illustrated adventures continue in part two of “Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth,” available now from Titan Comics.Stranded in Ancient China, the Doctor, Gabby, and Noobis manage to locate their kidnapped companion inside a giant fortress.But when Gabby ventures inside, she doesn’t find her friend Cindy—she finds 500 clones, all clamoring to probe the “funny-looking” outsider.A modern (er, ancient?) take on the classic Autons—robots that resemble plastic mannequins, animated as soldiers by the Nestene Consciousness—these copies are the product of a Nestene-like entity “trying to learn how to manipulate matter at an even more complex level than plastic,” the Doctor muses.That entity is the Red Jade General who, previously disguised as a red TARDIS, trapped the Doctor and his companions in a dream world where their every secret desire was catered to—at a terrible cost.via Titan ComicsManaging to break free from the waking nightmare, the friends fled, but not before the General snatched Cindy.“I took her because I was intrigued,” he explained. “Somehow she’d managed to resist my psychic influence. I wanted to understand her qualities—as an individual… To know what makes her special.”With the help of her 500 clones, which band together to fight the General, Gabby finds the real Cindy. Meanwhile, the Doctor snaps his fingers to save the day.But the story is not over, according to Father Wu Wei, who tells his son Li that “We were in the story.”“As the Xian is guardian to this whole world, and many others, so are we to this land,” he said, setting up a future installment of the tale.Part two of “Shaprter Than a Serpent’s Tooth,” written by Nick Abadzis (Laika, Pigs Might Fly) and illustrated by Giorgia Sposito, is on sale now in print for $8 via Titan.Writer, cartoonist, and graphic novelist Abadzis has penned many a Doctor Who comic story; he also designed a cover for issue 15 of Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor. Sposito, an Italian artist, has had work featured in a number of Who books.last_img

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