An example of four third party payment ticket

last week, the central bank issued a formal "chinapnr", "rich" and "easy", "accompanied by payment of the four" third party payment agencies punishment, "requirements in the areas outside the cities listed to stop the development of new businesses, and all the stock of merchants and receiving terminal according to the provisions of the comprehensive clean-up".

the punishment has been a long time. In March this year, the central bank issued the "people’s Bank of Chinese on the bank card pre authorization risk event notification", from April 1st onwards, including "chinapnr, YeePay, accompanied by payment", "rich" and "Sheng" and "card" and "Hartcourt facility", "Jie 8 Fu Rui Tong", the third party payment institutions nationwide to suspend access to new businesses. Four third party payment agencies did not obviously be punished by the book. read more


Amazon’s market capitalization of over 390 billion U.S. dollars over the United States and the 8 lar

[TechWeb] January 29th news, from foreign media news shows that the U.S. Eastern time at 8 pm on January 27th, Amazon’s $835.77 share price, market capitalization of $398 billion 379 million. According to an exposure report shows that Amazon’s market value has exceeded the sum of the top 8 U.S. retailers.

Amazon’s market capitalization of over 390 billion U.S. dollars over the United States and the largest physical retailer


according to the 8 largest retailer to best buy (Best Buy BBY), Messi (Department of Macy ‘s, M), Target (TGT), JCPenney (JCP), Nord Stron (Nordstrom, JWN), WAL-MART (WMT), Kohls department store (Kohl s, KSS) and Sears (Department of Sears SHLD, read more


Groupon stop buying data to prevent external revenue forecasts

Groupon Andrew ·

; CEOSina

technology news Beijing time on October 11th morning news, Groupon on Sunday announced through the official blog will no longer publish group purchase transaction data accurately, thus preventing researchers predict the company’s income.

Groupon through the sale of group buying revenue. The company said in a blog, the actual purchase data will be reduced by 0.5% to 19.5%, the specific proportion of random decision. Groupon spokesman said: This is intended to continue to reflect the popularity of group buying, while preventing the outside world to predict our sales." read more


Local business network customer segmentation B2B

local business network is based on Xiamen and the surrounding region of the regional portal, under the Xiamen pine information services limited. The website is mainly to provide local procurement and supply business daily practical information, is committed to a variety of urgent needs to listen, mining and meet local business, at the same time to provide customers with a complete function, simple operation, user-friendly information release system, communicate with other users through our platform to make more and better practical information, in order to achieve resource sharing. read more


Tmall seized 23 single brush businesses decoration, automobile, digital and other related categories

original title: Tmall seized 23 single brush merchant

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) Tmall new duct Britain after he took office, will set fire to the first "brush" ills. Yesterday, the Alibaba announced the first batch of 23 businesses, Tmall has been verified in "logistics brush", has been sealed off.

yesterday, the Alibaba group said, the first batch of 23 Tmall businesses are verified in "logistics brush", according to the relevant rules of the Tmall platform, these businesses have been sealed off. It is reported that fry business letter covers Tmall decoration, automobile, digital home appliances and many other categories. read more


Why do we need an independent B2C shop

today on a web site, see an expert blog "blog comments: talk about independent shop and shop platform". The blogger put forward his own point of view: for small and medium buyers (except Jingdong Dangdang), there is no need to establish their own independent shop. For example: "the author and also contacted an old seller, he early on eBay, Taobao shop, now have their own independent shop, worship the independent shop, a shop model, said the poisoning too deep): why the store is not good, the main reason is the sound by users is not their own, earn money to the platform operators. I asked, the construction of independent shop, the user how to? Don’t need to spend money in the promotion of Baidu Google or other CPS? The man replied: my shop now are old customers, no promotion, the author further asked the old customers where it is easy to answer: before. Taobao accumulation of old customers. I have no language." read more


E-commerce website can use ADAS principle to improve the conversion rate

AIDAS was originally proposed by Lewis (Lewis), the principle is used to illustrate the different effects of advertising on consumers to funnel form to show the following five stages:

Attention (cause for concern):

can cause attention often in seconds without, so we usually by the title, with a pair of big picture to attract visitors attention, has put the Adsense or other advertising alliance owners also know that this is often the most effective, the click rate is the highest.

Interest (interest) read more


Started to wake up the big names are not the alarm clock is WeChat public number

[Abstract] the Spring Festival vacation, you remember before the bustling small program? In the first small program list even the latest release of the list did not see any big brands, so we now talk about WeChat brand opened the public number is not too late.

in recent years, more and more brands are beginning to use social media to engage in marketing. According to digital research institutions L2 data show that in 2014, only 71% of the beauty brand, the brand of the day of the year and 42% of the fashion brand WeChat public number. And in the past two years, settled in WeChat’s brand was explosive growth. At present, almost all of the consumer goods brands, the majority of beauty brands, as well as 90% of fashion brands have settled in WeChat. read more


The crown bar Amoy Promotion Month Chong drilling experience sharing

guest everybody have heard, many of my friends have tried, but not to the "0" make a lot of friends give up halfway. Today I will talk about the second station, how to drill the crown in a month.

note: my promotion may not be suitable for all, but may be useful to you. I would also like to remind students of Amoy friends like me, a good and effective use of resources around, out of the sky for you.

first look at the picture

first explain why is 5 stars, mainly because of the National Day Holiday Express, so certainly no deal, after the national day I have no time to promote, so the income stagnated in 10.12, these days I began to continue to promote, also estimated three or four days to drill, as long as a few transaction is enough. read more


Teach you to use five creative fun drilling Exhibition


in many forums to see the top drill master exhibition to share some experience, according to the comparison of niubable drill Master said Show Click price can be 0.2 yuan, and 70% shops in the flow are obtained by drilling exhibition, as a just started drilling exhibition promotion only a month to the novice the authenticity of the data, I will not doubt, because playing drill exhibition need is creative and continuous testing, once found the breakthrough point, a flow of only 0.2 yuan can get be not at all surprising. What are the creative ideas that need to be tested to get the best results? read more


How to make money after the age of Google webmaster

Google, but to give the majority of grassroots webmaster left some thoughts on how to survive. Although there are still a variety of large and small alliances, but there is no such an alliance is suitable for grassroots webmaster, not high door, involving a wide range of advertising, good reputation. However, I still don’t think this is a long-term advertising alliance on the occasion, so happy, I really do 2 years of time, did not join any advertising alliance. Google is gone, so I am very calm, because I have never been on it! The reason is very simple, the price is the price of migrant workers. I remember when I was on the site IP reached 2000 of the time Google advertising, the day’s revenue is $0.2. So the day I removed all of Google’s advertising. Here is a copy of my recent promotional mail. read more


Network advertising industry to establish a formal organization

China Advertising Association interactive network committee recently announced the establishment of an interactive network will have a scientific leading industry standards. The Commission aims to promote interactive marketing based on the Internet, mobile phones and other interactive media, research and regulate interactive network advertising marketing model, in order to gradually establish an interactive network advertising industry standard system.


Wangzhuan propaganda techniques.

would rather send a quality post, do not want to spend a lot of time to make the sky flying junk posts, which has been the experience of many years to make friends.

suggested to some of the more famous forum, such as: Chinese Wangzhuan station

only the quality of the forum to make your post as soon as possible, to be the engine, and then to search.

we are mainly for the search engine. Let others through Baidu search to our advertising.

first enter keywords in Baidu for example: enter the China Wangzhuan station, make money, make money online part-time, and then come out a lot ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ the keywords ", we directly in the web site located along these posts, then Baidu will be included in your site. Or directly in the search out "behind keep abreast, your post would allow others to search. This method is also very important. We Chinese people like to use Baidu search. read more


To make money in the local site cooperation negotiation strategy

          Xie pen for a long time, I left a QQ number, there are more than and 100 local station with me, often in the QQ exchange, found that many webmaster have the "flash", talent, technology, but do not know how to find cooperation. I believe that this is also a lot of urgent problems to be solved.

Why is

looking for someone to work with?

, you are where the money operation station "catalyst", of course, if you don’t talk, or talk down, did not consider the effect of a good follow-up, might become the "stepping stone" read more


Ad4all martial arts products to promote the suspension notice

dear members of the alliance, hello!

Hello everyone! Advertisers martial arts decided on October 15, 2007 (Monday) football promotion product 24 points suspended martial arts football night, by the end of the day before the cost of clearing up, please switch to other products!
in addition, I put on the code of advertising alliance JS members such as not to replace the ad code, I will through the background of all martial arts league football league I switched to advertising products on the crazy Mack, products in accordance with the landing of billing, each valid landing 0.4 yuan. We will automatically open the product for you to put the authority, you can the next day to our platform to view the day before the product gains. read more