The New Mars Rover Concept Looks Like a Damned Batmobile

first_img Tune In As Brad Pitt Speaks With NASA Astronaut on ISSNASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This Weekend Stay on target What’s that saying? Aim for the Moon, so even if you fail you land among the stars? I think someone might be taking some inspiration from that old mantra. This Saturday new Martian rover mock-up was unveiled and Kennedy Space Center. And it’s… well… it’s something alright.First thing’s first, this thing is huge — almost 30 feet long and more than 10 feet high. Part of that is so that the machine can have good ground clearance. That would help this hypothetical vehicle navigate the craggy Martian terrain a bit easier, not mention give the shock absorbers some space to dissipate the jolts and bumps that’d certainly come with a road trip to Mars. That dovetails well into the next big change. Unlike our little remote-controlled bots like Curiosity, this behemoth would be kitted out to carry people all over the Martian surface.There is one big catch, of course. Nothing about this rover was designed by NASA, rather it was Hollywood veteran concept car design team, the Parker Brothers. That kinda helps everything else click into place. This definitely doesn’t look like the efficient, bare-bones design aesthetic we’ve come to expect from NASA. Plus, the team built this buggy in a few months. Not the agonizing multi-year process it takes to send anything to space the traditional way.It’s super unlikely that anything resembling this guy will ever fly. If you know the first thing about spaceflight, it’s that it can be expensive. And this beast isn’t that at all. It’s gaudy, over-the-top and wastes a lot of space with weird angles and giant… everything. But it’s also really badass and makes me hope that somehow, someway, there’s going to be a Batman movie that takes place entirely on Mars with him darting around in this weird tank-like thing.Don’t give me that. You’d watch it.You know you would.last_img

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