WHO Greece far exceeds normal rate of Csection births

first_imgCaesarean sections account for 56.8 per cent of births in Greece, according to the World Health Organisation. The number is almost double the EU average, which stands at 30 per cent, still much higher than what the WHO considers normal. According to the medical world, just 15 per cent of births actually require a Caesarean, a surgical procedure which exposes women to heightened surgery-related risks and significantly rises the cost of childbirth; burdening the state and private insurance providers, but also individuals who cover medical expenses from their own pockets. The WHO report was presented in the Greek parliament by Health Minister Andreas Xanthos, who stated that these findings discredit the country internationally and undermine the status of Greek science and medical practice. The minister announced that the government will launch a campaign to raise awareness of the issue in the medical community and the public, as well as a detailed inquiry into the matter, in hospitals and maternity wards. “Wherever there is significant medical experience and compliance with the WHO guidelines, the percentage of C-sections is significantly lower,” said the minister, bringing up the example of state maternity hospital Alexandra. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

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