GTA V has an 8GB mandatory install ships on 2 discs for

first_imgThere was never any doubt that Grand Theft Auto V was going to be a big game. But that’s not a problem for the PS3 and its relatively massive Blu-ray discs. On Xbox 360 though, the continued reliance on a DVD drive has meant the game can’t ship on a single disc.GTA V for Xbox 360 will therefore be shipped as a two disc set, but no disc swapping will be involved during gameplay. Instead, disc one will be used to install the game, and then disc two is required to be in the drive while you play. Such a setup has also meant there’s quite a hefty install to be done.It doesn’t matter if you purchase the Xbox 360 or PS3 version, you will require 8GB of free hard drive space for the installation to be successful. If you own a 4GB Xbox 360, then Rockstar requires you use a 16GB USB stick with at least 8GB free. That drive must also be capable of at least 15MB/s transfer speeds over USB 2.0.The reason for the huge install is down to game detail. Rockstar states this is the biggest GTA game yet, and pushes both consoles in terms of their performance. In order to get that working, and so load times aren’t ridiculous, they need to transfer a large chunk of the game data to the much faster on board hard drive or at the very least a USB stick.The news of two discs and the size of the install was announced as part of a GTA V Q&A post Rockstar made live today. That same post also promises the first gameplay video is going to be released soon. And if you are wondering which console the game will look better on, Rockstar says the visual differences are negligible, so the experience beyond installing the game should be the same.last_img

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