Luke campaign cost 19733

Former Norfolk mayor Charlie Luke spent less than half the amount he was entitled to in his failed bid for re-election.Luke and other candidates for mayor in Norfolk were subject last year to a $49,123 spending limit.In a financial statement filed with the clerk’s department last week, Luke claimed campaign expenses in the amount of $19,733. He also claimed campaign income in the same amount.During last year’s campaign, mayoral contender Russell Colebrook told audiences he was running a bare-bones campaign that would accept no donations and spend no money.The financial statement Colebook — a former taxi driver living in Renton – filed with the clerk’s department last Halloween declares no income and no expenditures.For her part, eventual victor Kristal Chopp, of Port Dover, has yet to file a financial statement.All candidates in last fall’s municipal election have till 2 p.m. March 29 to file a primary financial statement with the clerk’s department at Governor Simcoe Square.In the absence of that, all candidates have till March 28 to file a request in the Ontario Court of Justice for a reporting extension.After March 29, candidates have till 2 p.m. April 29 to file a financial statement along with a $500 late-filing fee. After that, penalties for not filing at all take effect.Financial reporting requirements include declaring individuals who donated $100 or more to a campaign. In Luke’s filing, this includes:Peter Selk of Port Rowan: $1,200. John Lennox of Port Dover: $750. Joan Good of Simcoe: $500. Paul Good of Simcoe: $500. John Luke of Simcoe: $500. John Hanselman of Delhi: $200. Vidyasagar Kongara of Simcoe: $200. Ron Baker of Port Rowan: $100. Contributions of goods and services to Luke’s campaign include:Kyle Shay of Simcoe: Advertising copywriting and design for local media valued at $1,150. Stacy Bradshaw of Port Dover: Website development and copy editing valued at $670. Angela Simon of Villa Nova: Advertising layout and design valued at $575. Luke also claimed 597 election signs valued at nearly $4,000. These were re-cycled from his successful mayoral campaign in 2014.Candidates who receive donations or incur expenses of $10,000 or more are required to file an auditor’s report with their statement.In a report attached to Luke’s filing, the Simcoe accounting firm Good Redden Klosler says the numbers contained in Luke’s report are accurate according to the documents he provided [email protected]

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