Trudeau visits Toronto Mayor at City Hall

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau getting down to business today and as his first full year as PM begins he became the first sitting Prime Minister to officially visit Toronto City Hall in almost 20 years. He met with Mayor John Tory to discuss a number of topics including transportation, housing and infrastructure.“Regardless of the different level of government we all serve the same people and rather than pushing off responsibilities saying oh thats the municipalities to deal with or thats the province we need to and we have been working together.”Crowds filled the city hall atrium to listen to Trudeau. He spoke of the Federal commitment to invest in transportation, housing and infrastructure he promised during last fall’s election campaign to pump an additional $60 billion over 10 years into infrastructure projects.But what about the City of Hamilton? That’s one of the main priorities this year dealing with the issue of poverty and the lack of social housing what will you do to help that city can we expect any sort of federal funding? We asked him. And while he didn’t directly answer our question he did say this… “Canadians need housing, Canadians need opportunities, Canadians need growth and good jobs and that’s what the Liberal party put forward as a plan to do and that’s what we are working very heard to deliver on.”Trudeau said more answers would come in his government’s first budget, which is expected this spring.

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