UPFA gets most number of votes in Ratnapura

The United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) got the most number of votes in the Ratnapura District and secured 6 seats during the 2015 Parliamentary election.The UPFA got 323,636 votes (51.19%) while the United National Party (UNP) got 284,117 votes (44.94%) and secured 5 seats. Independent Group 011040.02%0 United People’s Freedom Alliance323,63651.19%6* United People’s Party4650.07%0 People’s Liberation Front21,5253.40%0 Independent Group 05500.01%0 Frontline Socialist Party2630.04%0 Nawa Sihala Urumaya350.01%0 Okkoma Wasiyo Okkoma Rajawaru Sanvidanaya600.01%0 * Including a bonus seat. Independent Group 03390.01%0 United National Party284,11744.94%5 Independent Group 04740.01%0 Sri Lanka National Force250.00%0 Independent Group 02350.01%0 Jana Setha Peramuna490.01%0 Nawa Sama Samaja Party410.01%0 Our National Front3790.06%0 TOTAL POLLED655,22280.88% Democratic Party7870.12%0 Independent Group 06790.01%0 Sri Lanka Labour Party200.00%0 Bodu Jana Peramuna4130.07%0 TOTAL VALID VOTES632,19696.49% REJECTED VOTES23,0263.51% REGISTERED NO OF ELECTORS810,082 PARTY/GROUP NAMEVOTES OBTAINEDPERCENTAGENO OF MEMBERS

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