Ahmed alRaissouni Blames Saudi Arabia Egypt UAE for Death of Mohamed

Rabat – The head of the International  Union of Muslim scholars, Ahmed Al Raissouni has released a statement mourning the death of former former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who died after collapsing in a Cairo court on Monday, June 17.The news ofMorsi’ sudden death shocked the Arab world, with several public figures and leaders mourning his death.Morocco’s Al Raissouni, who described Morsi as a “martyr,” was among the well-known figures who blame Egypt of  the ousted president’s death. In the statement issued on June 17. Al Raissouni accused the Egyptian regime of killing the ousted president, who was Egypt’s first democratically elected President.“Six years ago he was tortured in prison. Six years ago he was taken to the so-called trials. Six years ago they killed him part-by-part,” wrote Al Raissouni.Read Also: Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Dies After Court SessionPointing fingers at the Egyptian regime, Al Raissouni said that the example of Morsi was a “stigma to all parts of Egypt, except for the treacherous ring governing” in the country.“These traitors and assassins have no brow and now place to put  a new stain. They are a disgrace to Arabs, Muslims, and humanity,” Al Raissouni said.In his statement, Al Raissouni accused Egyptian political elites of selling Morsi as well as“legitimacy, and democracy.”“The case of Mohamed Morsi is a disgrace and a condemnation to the silent and gloating Arab presidents. It is a disgrace and a condemnation to Al-Azhar, and all its scholars and to its so-called sheikh the ‘Grand Imam.’”In addition to Egypt, Al Raisouni also blamed Saudi Arabia and the UAE for the death of the imprisoned ex-president.“The case of Mohamed Morsi constitutes a disgrace and a treacherous plot for criminal conspirators of Al Saud and Al Nahyan families who are involved in the killing of the martyr Mohamed Morsi.”Al Raissouni also accused Saudi Arabia and the UAE of killing innocent people in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Sudan and other Muslims.Al Raissouni was not the only public figure to condemn the death of Morsi. On Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Egypt’s “tyrants” for the death of Morsi.“History will never forget those tyrants who led to his death by putting him in jail and threatening him with execution,” said Erdogan.A close ally to Morsi, Erdogan added. “May Allah rest our Morsi brother, our martyr’s soul in peace.” The United Nations also expressed condolences to Morsi’s family through its spokesman Stephane Dujarric.Malaysia, Qatar, Palestine’s Hamas have also expressed condolences to the family of the deceased.

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