Morocco Human Rights NGOs Demand Blinds Right to Vote in Braille

Taroudant – Moroccan human rights organizations called on the government to enable blind people and those with vision impairments to vote independently in the upcoming municipal elections using the Braille tactile writing system.In a statement issued on August 27, the Alliance for the Advancement of the Rights of Persons in the Status of Disability and the Moroccan Association for the Physically Disabled demanded the government to grant blind and vision-impaired voters the right to vote using Braille ballot papers in the upcoming Municipal and Regional elections.The human rights associations also urged Moroccan authorities to “provide the necessary logistics in all the voting offices, and equip them in a way that facilitates the voting process for all persons in the status of disability, especially those who use wheelchairs.” The associations, in defense of the people with disabilities, highlighted the “failure” of the country’s political parties to address the issues of disability and the “negligence of the rights of people in the status of disability in the political parties’ Electoral Programs.”The statement stressed that “political parties should raise awareness of the importance of participation and involvement of people in the status of disability in the political life,” calling on political parties to adopt objectivity and a human rights-based approach in the making of their electoral programs, and to refrain from exploiting the issue of disabilities only to attract more votes.

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