Glassdoor Helps Job Candidates Ready for Interviews at Specific Companies

first_imgMarketing Glassdoor Report: Interview Launch HighlightsCompanies w/ most content (more than 10 reviews each) Associate Microsoft You may have noticed that we’ve just updated our site with a new tab – “Interviews” – that includes a new section for:  Job Interview Questions and Reviews to help those job hunting get a leg-up in today’s hyper-competitive market. (see official press release).  We know our community members already use Glassdoor to help research companies and compensation and adding a specific section on job interviews is the logical next move – and especially timely given the market. To get here, we spent a considerable amount of time talking to employees, employers and current job seekers, and built Glassdoor Interviews to address the needs of today’s candidates in today’s competitive market. Over the last few weeks thousands of community members have chimed in with their own interview experiences during the invite-only beta period.  To date, we have collected about 2,000 job interview reviews for 1,000 companies in 40 countries. And, as of today, anyone can contribute a review of their own, searching job interviews by job title, company and even location – all for free.’s existing “give-to-get” model and community guidelines apply to the new interview section.  If you do not currently have a user account, you’ll need to complete either a Job Interview Review or a Company Review to see all job interview results beyond our sneak peek companies, (If you already completed a company review, you will have immediate access to job interview reviews. To see salaries beyond sneak peeks, you must complete a salary survey.) Once a relevant contribution is made, anyone visiting Glassdoor can find out information, such as:The average interview duration for a Senior Product Manager with Amazon The most difficult or unexpected question for a Senior Business Analyst at McKinsey & CompanyThe ratings of ease/difficulty and positive/negative impressions for any company, such as Microsoft.How previous job candidates secured an interview at Booz Allen HamiltonWhy someone who received a job offer for a Sales Manager at Google decided to decline itOr check some of the more unusual interview questions, such as: ‘What would you do if it was 4:30 PM on a Friday before your vacation and I came in with a job that I needed to have done by Monday morning?” – DISH Network Administrative Assistant Using the components of a pen, if you could make another item what would you make? – TycoElectronics Engineering Rotational Program“12V source in series with 3 caps of so and so capacitance, the last of which is hooked to gnd. If node between the first and 2nd cap is initially open, then closed, what are the node voltages.” – NVIDIA SRAM Design Engineer While we’re just getting started on this new section, we think it’s interesting to look at some of the data compilations thus far so we can monitor over time.  Of the reviews submitted to date:The average interview length was 25 daysMore than half of job interviews reported were secured through online job postings (38%) and employee referrals (17%) and occurred within the past 18 months60% of candidates received a job offer and accepted; 9% of candidates declined a job offer; 31% received no offer or declined to stateBelow is a snapshot of companies and job titles for which we have the most content as of now…but we expect that to change quickly.   Proctor & Gamble Top 10 Job Categories Google Software Engineer Consultant Project Manager Engineering Senior Software Engineer Analyst Accenture Apple Yahoo! Product Manager Business Analyst Deloitte BoozAllenHamilton Stay tuned for more updates over the next few days as we get the ball rolling here. And, remember that reviews each piece of content before it is posted, so there may be some delay between when you submit an Interview Review (or Company Review or Salary Survey) and when it goes live on the site. But don’t worry, once you contribute a review of your own, you’ll have immediate access to other reviews. We look forward to your thoughts and feedback. You can post a comment here or send feedback to info [at glassdoor [dot]com. Bank of America Top 10 Companieslast_img

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