first_imgMeanwhile, Obama emphasised that “among states, there has Meanwhile, Obama emphasised that “among states, there has to be a framework that is analogous to what we have done with nuclear power because nobody stands to gain.And, frankly, although the Chinese and Russians are close, we are still the best at this.And if we wanted to go on offence, a whole bunch of countries would have some significant problems.” “And we dont want to see the Internet weaponised in that way.That requires, I think, some tough negotiations.That wont be a one-year process, but wed like to see if we can — if we and the Chinese are able to coalesce around a process for negotiations, then I think we can bring a lot of other countries along,” he said. In response to another question, Obama credited America for the success of China in the past three decades. “They were essentially riding on our backs for the last 30 years because we were underwriting peace, security, the free flow of commerce, international rules in the financial sector,” he said. “You cant simply pursue an export-driven strategy, because you are too big.You are not going to be able to grow your economy at the same pace over the next 20 years that you did in the last 20 years,” he said. “You have got to be concerned about environmental issues, because you cant breathe in Beijing.And that spills over for all of us.As a large country with a powerful military, you cant go around pushing your little neighbours just because you are bigger, but you have to start abiding by a basic code of conduct and a set of rules, because ultimately, you will be advantaged by everybody following the rules,” he noted. “I think in other areas, they still see themselves as the poor country that shouldnt have any obligations internationally.In some cases, they still feel that when we call them on issues like their behaviour in the South China Sea, or on intellectual property theft, that we are trying to contain them as opposed to us just wanting them to abide by the same rules that helped create an environment in which they can rise,” Obama said. PTI LKJ KISadvertisementlast_img

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