Betting on Standardization

first_imgWith Office as the most deployed solution across business infrastructure, wherever on the collaboration spectrum your organization eventually lands, the exchange of information both inside and outside the firewall will most likely continue to revolve around Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.When you standardize with devices that run Microsoft Office natively, your team members can seamlessly collaborate with their colleagues in other companies with 95 percent certainty that their Office documents will be viewed in their native environment.Gain Support from Enterprise ITFrom the perspective of IT, the Intel and Windows 8 platform is easy to implement and requires no additional backend infrastructure. Unlike iPads, Android devices, or even tablets based on Windows RT, Windows 8 devices can easily join an enterprise domain, and administrators can manage them with tools they likely already use.These factors mean that line-of-business managers who want to equip their teams with Windows 8 business devices powered by Intel architectureOpens in a new window will likely encounter less resistance from IT than they would with other options.This blog is part 4 of 4 in a series focused on intercompany collaboration. For a full report please click here.Previous entries include: What Does Collaboration Mean to Information Workers?Opens in a new windowCutting Through the HypeOpens in a new window4 Obstacles That Are Keeping Your Employees from CollaboratingOpens in a new windowDo your employees need mobile devices for their jobs?  If yes, What capabilities should you consider when choosing an enterprise tablet?Opens in a new windowFor more information from Intel’s IT Center and conversations on enterprise IT, click on the Hashtags below:#ITCenterOpens in a new window #enterpriseITOpens in a new window If you were flipping a weighted coin that landed heads-up 95% of the time, would you feel comfortable making a significant bet that the coin would land tails-up? Probably not. In a similar vein – you can’t guarantee the operating systems that your employees’ external business partners are using, but you can make an educated guess. And that educated guess can enable your employees to collaborate seamlessly both within the business with partners outside the firewall. In this blog, we’ll discuss how Microsoft Office is the safe bet for your business.- IT Peer Network AdministratorThe Shortest Path to CollaborationThe shortest path to the collaboration sweet spot for intercompany collaboration is through standardization.When providing employees with tablets, you can standardize information workers’ on elements that most organizations have in common, in order to support users’ needs for tablet and touch flexibility without creating additional collaboration hurdles. That standardization is easily accomplished through devices based on Intel architecture running Windows 8. This platform provides the best experience with the tools your users are already using—namely Microsoft Office—and supports users’ work styles with the least adaptation.In other words, unlike iPads, Android tablets, or fully converged collaboration solutions, devices running Windows 8 integrate seamlessly into user work styles with little disruption. Microsoft Office is the foundation of most information workers’ work styles. According to Forbes, Microsoft leads the office productivity software market with a 95 percent share.last_img

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