ECM and Compliance: Would you survive an audit?

first_imgRegulatory Compliance touches virtually every public company and government organization today. Science companies, financial service companies, and governments all have regulations that must be complied with. The rules are complex and even if you have adopted software to help achieve compliance, like an ECM system, you may still be at risk.ECM systems often have special challenges involved to ensure data recovery and searchability.Metadata is an area of special concern.  Within ECM, documents often move throughout the system in workflow and review, and the data object that is viewed from the software UI as a single document may actually be a collection of data scattered across multiple data repositories.  ECM systems are complex and are built by integrating together a number of differently-architected software components.Metadata may be stored in a relational database.  File content may be stored in a secured file system.  Full-text index data may be located elsewhere.  And there is also workflow metadata and discussion text and comments that reviewers may have associated with the document.  Those too may be stored in different underlying repositories.In order to secure the integrity of ECM data, a well-thought-out data backup and recovery strategy is essential.   Backups need to capture data as a snapshot in time.  If a system is composed of multiple data repositories, a backup plan is required that can capture a synchronized picture of data across all repositories.  Otherwise, the data could become corrupt.  Hot backups are the biggest culprit.  While convenient, hot backups are most prone to creating problems with inaccurately capturing data relationships.80 percent of the cases of ECM data corruption is as a result of backup problems that cause data relationships to not be correctly captured.  Proper planning for any operation is always advisable — and when dealing with the backup of ECM systems, it is essential.last_img

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