Data Management: Burn the Tapes!

first_imgContinuous Data Protection (CDP) or continuous backup refers to the automatic real-time versioning and tracking of every change made to data, and the ability to rollback to a snapshot of the data at any point in time.With CDP, every time data is written to disk, it is also being written asynchronously to a second location. Every transaction and data update in the enterprise is tracked and time-stamped, creating the ability to later zoom into a data storage snapshot of the enterprise data at any point in time. CDP obsoletes the need for scheduled backups and creates an approach to backup that doesn’t have discrete widely spaced snapshots.Because hard disks are used as the backup medium, recovery is quick. If data is accidently lost or the system becomes infected with a virus, rolling back to any previous point in time is easy, and it may take as little as seconds after a failure to get a system back into its pre-fault state. Compared to tape backup and the labor involved to ensure backups are done correctly, CDP is significantly easier and has much greater reliability.This kind of technology is coming just in time to help as enterprises are pumping out ever more data and 24-hour global work days are making it ever more difficult to find a ‘good’ time to schedule backups. CDP is clearly a technology that is attractive to system administrators.Enterprises are beginning to put CDP to the test. Forrester says that currently 20 percent of businesses are using CDP and they expect that the number will increase to 35 percent by 2011.Currently 70 percent of backups are still done with tape and 29 percent are done on disk. In two years the numbers will be 43 percent disk and 57 percent tape. And by 2011, 60 percent of backup will be on disk.The Forrester report predicts that the greatest growth in enterprise data will come from messaging and collaboration, particularly space needed for email and IM.Storage and the technologies around it are finally getting hot after many years of slow growth and very slow technology change. CDP is just one category in storage that is set to explode.last_img

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