Review of the official World Cup website

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… I did enjoy the VideoArchive, which is an excellent way to waste a couple of hours in front of your PC!It’s also great to see Fifa/Yahoo taking advantage of the broadband age and makinghistorical World Cup footage available on the Web. In fact the Video section in general isfantastic and features a wide range of video content. Because the World Cup games are onin the wee hours of the morning my time, I’m particularly enjoying the Match highlightsvideos (btw it hasn’t stopped me staying up far too late to watch the World Cup – hencemy bleary eyes currently!).  The MatchCast feature is potentially the best feature, as it’s a livestats/chat/graphics dashboard that runs while a game is in process live. Personally I’mnot in the habit of using my computer while watching TV, but I can imagine MatchCastwould be very useful in integrated TV/PC platforms – like Media Center for example.Perhaps a little ahead of its time for most of us right now, but if you’re a verydedicated fan – then the opportunity to chat to other fans and check stats on your PC,while watching the TV for the game itself, might be a very useful thing. Fan Photos isbasically an invitation to use Flickr, which is good to see. I also noticed that Yahoo!Answers is being used for World Cup questions – and is promoted at the bottom of thehomepage. ConclusionOverall, great use of video on the official site and MatchCast is a promising feature(I’ll be interested to find out how well used it ends up being). Lots of Yahoo propertiesare integrated into the site, but to be honest I felt the community aspects were fairlyconservative – IM, games, uploading photos, 360 blogs, etc. Blogging could’ve been made alot more central to the experience, in terms of promoting it more and putting it high onthe homepage. Also largely missing – enabling users to personalize their World Cupsite and utilize interactive widgets/web services. So overall I’d rate the site a 7 out of 10, but there’s room for improvement. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting richard macmanus I actually didn’t see any evidence of blogs on the site navigation, but a searchrevealed that users can create a Yahoo 360° SuperFanBlog under the banner “The 12th Man”. So that’s why I couldn’t find blogs on the menu– because it’s cryptically labeled “The 12th Man”! Here’s anexample of a fan’s blog – it’s pretty much the basic Y! 360 experience. center_img Related Posts The official FIFA World Cup website is run by andco-branded with Yahoo. A Washington Post story today highlights the interactive and multimedia features of thesite – including blogs, chat, and three- to five-minute video highlights for all of the64 games. Also in lieu of live webcasts (not possible I presume because of TV rights),the site offers something called “MatchCast” – which is described as “a kind of animatedtelecast of the game that graphically displays players on the field, ball location, timeouts and live scores.”So the website is really a showcase of the latest in Yahoo’s social Webtechnology – for a mass audience that is (in other words, expect a fair degree ofconservatism).Positioning Jorge Consuegra, generalmanager of Yahoo’s FIFA partnership, told Washington Post: “Creating a global communityaround the biggest sporting event in the world — that’s the biggest step for thissite.” How they’re creating this community is through the Yahoo product line – Flickr, 360,Answers, Desktop toolbar, chat, MyYahoo, etc. If anything, these community tools arescattered a bit haphazardly around what is a very large website. Not too many of the‘community’ features are promoted on the homepage, which indicates that the site is stillvery much positioned as an information and World Cup news portal. FeaturesYahoo technology is integrated throughout the site, including Flickr integration and promotion. A lot of the news and information on the site ispretty straight-forward and probably similar to what you would’ve seen on the 2002official website. But it’s comprehensive and that’s the main thing. There’s also theusual ‘official site’ suspects – polls, screensavers, shop, fantasy game, etc. Ifanything there are too many navigation options, as I had trouble findingthings. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#web#Yahoo 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img

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