Pre-nup violated

first_imgSatiricus was down in the dumps. He felt like the fella in one of the oldies his dad used to listen to — “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”. He was a man with a broken heart. As he headed down to the Back Street Bar, he knew he wasn’t going to get much sympathy from the fellas. But then he figured he’d explore why everyone claimed “misery loves company”. “Eh! Eh! How come yuh mout’ suh laang?” Bungi asked the moment Satiricus arrived at the table where he and Hari had already put away a few.“Like the wife didn’t give you your frek, or what?” chimed in Hari with a sly grin, as he signalled the waitress for a beer for Satiricus.“Nah…,”Satiricus said distractedly. “I just came back from party headquarters.”“Suh wha’ goin’ aan wid dem KFC bais?” asked Bungi, as he clinked his bottle with Satiricus’s.“That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” confessed Satiricus. “You remember the Accord we signed with the Pee-an-See to get our fair share??”“The Pre-nuptial agreement signed on Valentine Day?” Hari grinned. “I thought that was soooo sweet!! Like a real wedding, not a coalition!!”“Wha’ happen?” demanded Bungi impatiently. “A’yuh get blow??”“Well,” started out Satiricus, “I wouldn’t put it that way. But Nagga Man said he wanted a new agreement.”“And what Rum Jhaat said?” asked Hari while he polished off his beer to hide his smile.“We haven’t seen Rum Jhaat since he was seen drinking with some British spy at the Desert Lagoon,” answered Satiricus with a worried frown. “I wonder if he was reconditioned.”“Suh wha’ wraang if Nagga Man want wan new agreement if he and Rum Jhaat a get blow?” Bungi wanted to know.“The man want us to picket the KFC office,” said Satiricus, shaking his head. “So he can tell GrainJa he’s getting pressure.”“Me tell yuh ‘e lose ‘e balls afta he get larwah!” chuckled Bungi, slapping the table.last_img

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