Branching out

first_imgChristmas trees, like pretty much everything else, have always been subject to the vagaries of fashion. In the 1980s, it was all coloured lights and patterned baubles (chez Obiter, at any rate), then came the more sophisticated white lights, non-twinkling. A few years ago the fashion was for fibreoptic trees, then for all-white, artificial ones. And now it’s for, erm, plywood. See the pictured tree, commissioned specially by City firm Collyer Bristow. The firm has apparently been commissioning artists to design a tree for the past 15 years, and they (the trees, not the artists) are normally ‘constructed’ from textiles, ceramics, plastics, foam or scrap metal. This year’s effort, created by London-based artists Ben Cove and Camilla Lyon, is made of plywood and painted glass and is 2.4m tall. It was unveiled at the launch of Christmas Contemporaries, the latest exhibition at the Collyer Bristow Gallery, which runs into February. All very nice, messrs Collyer and Bristow, but where do we put the tinsel?last_img

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