The harm of health network not to wear a bra.

(1) hold hands under the bra chest position, the upper body forward about 45 degrees, so that the chest skin down, the bra from bottom to top up Mimi, and pull the back button.

in addition to appearance, no bra support Mimi may also have chest muscle strain or ligament by pulling back and forth duct caused by blood circulation disorder caused by hematoma, tissue necrosis and other issues, the beauty of the girls, are you scared? Go to pick pieces for their bra. Bra size can determine women’s IQ

above by me and you guys share a lot of about bra, now, let us look at the correct way to wear bra:


(4) remember to check whether the formation of bra under confining, before and after the height is consistent, can swing up and down his hands, not sure that any cup sliding, wear on the

(3) to adjust the tightness of the shoulder strap, two fingers close together along the width of the force from A to Z strap, shoulder strap 4 average yo! Suggests you should change your underwear

(internship editor: Tan Shumei)

(2) to straighten the upper body, adjust the armpit and other meat, Mimi has determined completely in the cup, and the position of the nipple has the vertex in the cup.

don’t wear a bra, will you?

this problem seems to have been discussed, and many people think that taking off the bra is like taking off in the United States and the United States and the United States on the yoke, which represents the rise of female consciousness. Over the past few decades! Although China Meimei who no longer Guoqi feet, but the bra did not allow a woman abandoned in the museum, but increased the selectivity of more functionality and appearance of it more! Let the beauty of the crush of many who can not do without "it".

in fact, if you do not want more Mimi long, obediently bra! The physiological health, human beings are upright and animal, the contents of Mimi was fat and breast tissue, without any bone structure, if not coated with the support of external forces, the breast is very easy the swing back and forth. (add gravity), and so it’s easy to deformation, and breasts crush more easily because of not wearing a bra and a variant of yo! If you do not want to own the girls Mimi variant, to wear bra to keep beautiful breast shape.

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