Woman nipple depression do Can you pull out the ‘s health network

3, nipple depression and genetic relationship.

four is a nipple sunken female chest fitness, lost due curve. Therefore, it is necessary to actively prevent and treat nipple retraction.

two is the nipple can not be exposed, the mother can not breastfeed, the baby can not suck milk, thus affecting the development of infants;

three is the maternal milk poor discharge, can cause mammary duct obstruction, galactostasis, prone to acute mastitis and breast abscess, mother never lactation, also can increase the risk of breast cancer;

1, too tight dress bundle.

a, cause nipple depression


bra is too small, too tight, use early, will cause the nipple.

said nipple depression is not a case of outsiders, but it is difficult to ask questions, do not know how to do, do not know who to say. In fact, nipple sag is not a disease, there will be a way to correct it, we look at what methods.

is a nipple areola deep in the skin, a long term without local washing, discharge and pollutants are not clear, smell, easy to cause the nipple areola inflammation, even bleeding, erosion, the formation of chronic inflammation.

two, nipple depression have what harm

2, bra.

especially women in breast puberty underwear too tight, easily lead to nipple.

The improper use of

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