Many people on the potential hazards of women’s breast health network

(internship editor: He Lili)

but this is usually not a complete recovery, and it is easy to cause breast pain, some will cause breast lobular hyperplasia, breast diseases such as mastitis. Statistics show that induced abortion accounted for about 40% of breast disease.

because the artificial abortion is different from natural childbirth, the former is forced to terminate pregnancy, the latter is a natural biological process, or "fruits fall off when ripe". With the increase of pregnancy hormone levels, breast breast will gradually began to change, bloated, full, increase around the areola pigment will increase.

study found that repeated abortion easily lead to breast disease. Because of a sudden interruption of pregnancy, will disrupt the normal physiological functions of female hormones, such as hormone levels suddenly reduced, the development of the mammary gland will suddenly stop growing, cells become smaller, acinar disappear, breast recovery.

we all know, a number of artificial abortion is very likely to lead to reproductive system sequelae, in fact, do stream of people (more than three times) also have potential harm to women’s breast.

therefore, couples of childbearing age, especially young couples should strengthen the contraceptive measures, do not do as little as possible or artificial abortion, from the point of view of prevention of breast disease, it is also very necessary.

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