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below the hands hold the interactive breast, gently lift, then holding the breast outside to the inside, can avoid breast ptosis and external expansion. First, apply some olive oil or natural moisturizing lotion, massage can be more smooth, while maintaining the skin of the breast.

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2, do contraceptive

women’s breast although not specifically sexual organs, but it belongs to the female secondary sexual characteristics, is one of the female erogenous zones play an important role in the sexual life. For men, a woman’s plump breasts can make them sexually excited by sight and touch. For women, the male touch the breast, can cause their sexual desire, so that they produce sexual pleasure.

men rough sex, playing with his wife before sexual intercourse, not hand gently stroked the breast, but the breast grip, squeezed, not only make the woman feel pain, impaired sexual feeling, may also cause damage to the inner breast. So don’t be too rough on her breasts when you’re married.

3, help her massage

1, avoid rough sex life

proper breast massage can not only massage can relieve breast discomfort, make breast more plump, and avoid flabby skin, delay the aging breast, more importantly, often can find mass chest massage breast lesions, which can timely medical treatment.

you may feel that contraception has nothing to do with breast health, but experts tell you that multiple abortions are more likely to cause breast cancer. This is because pregnant women after abortion, pregnancy suddenly stopped, the level of hormone suddenly dropped, forcing the development of a sudden stop of the growth of the breast, making the acinar smaller or even disappear, breast recovery. However, this recovery is usually not complete, easy to cause breast lumps and pain, and can induce breast disease, repeated breast lesions can become one of the important causes of breast cancer.

Methods: the

woman breast maintenance, what can a man do?

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so, please do a good job in contraception, because artificial abortion on women’s physical damage is really great.

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