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chest wall disease, heart disease, cervical spondylosis, oral diseases can cause this pain, accounting for about 26% of breast pain cases. The pain of these diseases is often mistaken for breast pain. After the pain should be timely check, but the most common cause of breast pain is breast hyperplasia, mastitis is a common factor.


cervical spondylosis caused by breast pain: cervical spondylosis can cause breast pain, is due to cervical degeneration, cervical nerve root involvement. This pain is chronic and is unilateral. The degree of pain often associated with neck position, in addition to breast pain, and pectoralis major muscle tenderness, and pillow, neck, shoulder and arm pain and discomfort, X-ray often signs of degenerative lesions of the breast, and no abnormalities in itself.

of adolescent breast pain: 9-13 year old girls breast development, breast tissue under the nipple to appear as pea beans big dome shaped induration, a slight pain. After menarche, with adolescent breast maturation may disappear.

physical pain don’t worry too much about

pathological pain and timely treatment of related diseases

chest wall disease breast pain: chest or rib inflammation of chest wall disease can show breast pain, burning or pulling to see more, also can have the pain, tenderness of the site is almost always located on the side of.

physiological breast pain associated with menstruation, menstrual week before or after breast tenderness is considered normal.

: 3-7 days postpartum postpartum breast pain often appear breasts puffiness, induration, pain, this is mainly the role of prolactin and interstitial edema and venous filling caused by milk filling. So early maternal lactation, induration can hot compress and massage induration before breastfeeding, and also can use milkpump suck milk, promote mammary duct patency.



of life after breast pain: lack of sexual desire or sexual disharmony, fail to satisfy, breast hyperemia, swell is not easy to fade, persistent congestion will make breast distending pain.

: menstrual breast pain is the most common type of breast pain, breast pain at all in about 65%, the average age of 35 years occurred. The pain in menstrual cramps before 3-7 days the emergence or aggravation of menstrual cramps after gradually disappeared or reduced. Each month the degree of pain is not consistent, common for heaviness, pain or dull pain or occasional brief tingling. And with tenderness of the breast nodules, oppression, activity, or when the use of hand weight.

breast pain during pregnancy: some mothers in 40 days after pregnancy, placental villi, due to secretion of estrogen and progesterone, which caused breast enlargement, breast pain, or sustainable throughout pregnancy, often do not require treatment.

breast pain after abortion: some women after abortion feel breast pain, and palpable. This is due to a sudden interruption of pregnancy, hormone levels in the body dropped sharply, so that the development of the breast suddenly stopped growing, causing breast lumps and breast pain.

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