What food to eat threatened abortion health

threatened abortion is now many women have encountered the situation, threatened abortion once often means that the unborn child is a problem, but should actively follow the doctor’s advice and tocolytic therapy, also need to be prepared in the diet, said the following about threatened abortion what food to eat.

a, apple

apple contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, Apple also contains tannic acid and fine fiber, eat some apples can not only prevent maternal obesity, but also can promote the development of the fetus, apple even eat also can ensure that pregnant women do not constipation and diarrhea, anemia can improve pregnant women to eat apples, but also can ease the situation of poor appetite for pregnant women, pregnant women with threatened abortion can also eat some apples conditioning.

two, strawberry

strawberry is rich in vitamin C, can effectively prevent the occurrence of a cold, but also rich in organic acid and pectin in strawberry, can break down fat in food, can effectively promote the appetite and promote gastrointestinal motility, and strawberry can also remove heavy metals in the human body, also has the very good effect of relieving for threatened abortion.

three, grape


grape is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, organic acid, lecithin, carotene and vitamin B1, C and so on, if pregnant women lack of blood, high blood pressure can also eat some grapes, grape also has very good effect of tocolysis can promote the growth of fetus, pregnant women, blood etc. threatened abortion cases can eat some grapes, has good hemostatic effect.



grapefruit is rich in folic acid, folic acid is a kind of material needs a whole pregnant women during pregnancy, as the fetus grew up, demand of folic acid also increased significantly, folic acid deficiency can not only result in developing pregnancy induced hypertension, but also lead to maternal placental abruption, and easy to make pregnant women suffering from megaloblastic anemia, fetal growth retardation will also appear the phenomenon of pregnant women with threatened abortion can also be prepared to eat some grapefruit.

what food does threatened abortion eat? The above describes the threatened abortion should eat more than four kinds of food, pregnant women in the presence of threatened abortion should be in addition to the doctor’s request for treatment, but also need to eat some of the food conditioning.

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