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recently published in the International Journal of obesity, a new British study found that a strict diet for two days a week can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women by up to 40%. The researchers found that the control of dietary calories can almost cause breast cancer in women with high risk of cancer hormone levels by nearly half. The new study surveyed 100 women’s weight exceed the standard, half of them women tested two days a week, every day will be strictly controlled in the diet of 650 calories less than the rest 5 days without diet, the other half is still. The results showed that 6 months later, the strict dieting women’s hormone levels decreased by 40%. The researchers said that this diet is women’s "savior".

breast cancer occurs mostly in 40-60 years or between pre – and post menopausal women, especially in the 45-49 years and 60-64 years among the highest incidence, but as long as the attention to the women without excessive smoking and drinking, monthly self breast examination every touch, do not often eat the pill, vegetable oil, fish, fruits and vegetables, not excessive take the medicine may cause cancer risk, and regular physical exercises as much as possible away from the trouble of breast cancer.

female appropriate "picky" 6 foods get rid of breast cancer

a, soybean + cabbage: female body estrogen content is too high is caused by breast cancer is a big factor, and soybean contains plant estrogen can effectively inhibit the production of estrogen in the body. The experiment proved that the 70% low eat flour to a group of mice with breast cancer than those who eat proportion. In addition, Chinese cabbage contains a compound called indole -3- methanol, can increase the amount of an important enzyme in the body, help break down too much estrogen to prevent breast cancer.

two, flax: which contains phytoestrogens, can effectively reduce the negative effects of estrogen in vivo. Flax cereal is a good choice, or choose two tablespoon of flaxseed oil.

three, black raspberry: contain polyphenols, natural substances, this kind of food can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

four, broccoli and cabbage sprouts: contribute to the formation of inorganic salt, inhibit the growth of tumor.

five, purple grapes and grape juice: rich in flavonoids, can prevent the growth of cancer cells. 1/4 cup raisins can also play the same role, is a fast food rich in flavonoids, so women can eat some of the food in their lives.

six, radish and carrot: carrot on the human body’s great contribution to health, radish contains a variety of enzymes, can eliminate the carcinogenic effect of nitrosamines; its lignin can stimulate the body immunity. Carrot intake into the human body into vitamin A, it can maintain the normal structure and function of human epithelial tissue, so that carcinogens are difficult to infringe.

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