Even bigwigs have to give up fresh electricity supplier, investors are still playing what

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fresh electricity supplier, all game player is the secret of trial and error to survive and maintain alive.

entrepreneur & I dark horse fresh electricity supplier series of fifth reports released. When we read the fresh market after listening to the joys and sorrows of life and death, to survive in the market leader of the company, now let’s visit the capital side, look at the death, in this large number of entrepreneurial projects are struggling to survive the game player on the market, investors still continue to add note why? What is the logic of their investment. Hold on the fresh future and how to


PS: please read, no water is full of dry cargo."

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fresh electricity supplier in the end what curse? "" this market game player who really can wait until the dawn of time? "Plan last week’s fresh electricity project, entrepreneur & I; the dark horse asked numerous fresh electricity supplier in the field of entrepreneurs with these problems, but get a same answer: do not fresh, all game player is the secret of trial and error to survive and maintain alive.

but even after a large number of fresh electricity project frustrated stranded, the capital side continued like large filling seemed to turn a deaf ear to.

investment people how to think about their fresh electricity supplier and hold what kind of expectations?

in late July, entrepreneur & I dark horse with all the outside of the fresh electricity supplier’s curiosity and imagination to visit the dark horse fund management partner Hu Xiang.

fresh electricity supplier 2C side of the business is not easy, 2B I think the opportunity is greater." Hu Xiang’s answer is straightforward.

over the past year, the dark horse fund to invest in food service chain, fruit division, courteous, and so on to the B side of the transaction to the end of the enterprise. Hu Xiang said that the choice of financial model in this direction must be able to make money. "I can allow the size of an enterprise is too small, because of the need of products into the supply chain cost management, construction, as a result of temporary loss, but at least in the model, I can clearly see how he made his money." Actually, he did not see the financial model to make money from fresh 2C end project.

but in the course of the interview, Hu Xiang also mentioned more than once, there is a chance to live. 2C fresh electricity supplier companies, so much money into the melt, the model can not tune a tune, there are opportunities." From this point of view, has gone through the first round of fresh electricity supplier reshuffle entrepreneurs who still can not easily, waiting for them after a series of financing is likely to be a bigger battle of life and death.

the following is Hu Xiang oral content. The article talked about some of his investment logic, the views of the fresh electricity supplier industry, as well as changes in the entrepreneurial market he is feeling.

oral / dark horse fund management partner Hu Xiang

B side of the huge entrepreneurial opportunities


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