Tell you a monthly income of million yuan in purchasing the family network

they only do purchasing, seemingly small business, but can make a lot of money. By purchasing IKEA products to make money "blue sky", the mood is more comfortable recently, after two years of hard work, now the shop has done 5 drilling good results. Let him feel happy is that over the past 6 months the average monthly sales of nearly 600, the highest monthly income of up to million. Let’s take a look at the "blue sky" shopping story.

Manager: blue sky store: http://s.shop33496130.taobao.com

blue sky: I am glad that I have chosen this line, and this is also with my original work. Now recall that a great part of my success is contingent, which may be what everyone called luck. Before 2006, when I was working there, I saw a lot of foreign customers coming shopping every day, and most of them were young people. Home is a favorite of many young people, but IKEA can not buy in the country, so I thought of doing IKEA purchasing. I started with fewer people, and I was one of a few of them. Now, in Taobao, pat, eBay and other shopping sites, there are a large number of IKEA purchasing site, online as IKEA purchasing gens.

purchasing is also a hard road,

because IKEA’s products are very distinctive, I’m more confident about sales, but it’s not easy to open an outlet online. Now remember just beginning to do IKEA purchasing time, after work to buy a lunch box to the Internet bar to talk about business, every day work until 2 in the morning to go back to sleep. Due to Xinlimeidi, open shop is carried out quietly, can do after a period of time, found that such a low-key approach doesn’t work, but his body too small, know a good start after half a year, so the job of IKEA to quit, do full-time IKEA purchasing. After five years of hard work, I finally achieved the good result of "5 drilling", and the income exceeded my original salary, which made me see the hope. This is also a good start, perhaps a lot of people are disgusted with this purchasing, more than a phrase intermediary business, but since the online emergence of so many IKEA purchasing, it has its own reason.

for buyers keen on IKEA. Choose IKEA purchasing, not only can not buy pots of goods you want, but also to live back and forth traffic costs. Purchasing cost transportation cost can be said a lot cheaper, which is more cost-effective, the store manager for IKEA. Do not need to buy online shopping with other online shops, like a lot of money into the purchase, IKEA purchasing point early only need to invest a small amount of money, the risk is much smaller. This is the advantage of doing IKEA purchasing.

IKEA purchasing is how to make money,


currently, IKEA rarely in the store, only Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Nanjing City, and several other city across the country to buy IKEA products is not convenient. In this context, >

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