The webmaster will test your ability with a single page first

recently with some webmaster chat, some are quasi webmaster, want to do web site, but don’t know what kind of good, don’t know how to do.

here, before you throw yourself into the vast army, I’ll pour cold water on you first. Because, as far as I know, very few personal Adsense will be profitable, in the profitability of the webmaster group, very few people are not through efforts. This effort is a long time, a few months, or even years, every day, do some monotonous dull matter, very few people can persist, but insist on down, are successful.

well, before becoming a real webmaster, do a single page, about your technical skills test.

The main difficulty of

is as follows:


1. words

this is the touchstone of webmaster skills, any a webmaster to go through this step, how to choose, and the mouth, than to the Baidu index, Baidu ranking, the level of competition, these aspects to consider. Some of the long tail word selected, included to flow, dozens of small, tens of thousands of good too, SEO this classic single page has a lot of examples. Some friends said, I want to make a non mainstream station, key is non mainstream, of course, does not exclude you do the first page in a few months or even years after that, to achieve your desired results, but I think this is a great waste of your beautiful life. Change kind of idea, to a competition is not too fierce long tail, often effect than the above kind of good ten thousand times. To achieve the effect of testing is good, there is no need to go too far.

2. domain name selection

is part of a domain name of a website, my personal advice is the best in the domain with your keyword Pinyin, because Chinese phonetic recognition now search engine has been quite perfect, can give you spell it out, and it will help you website ranking, of course. You said I registered a www.91es.com like this, it doesn’t matter what.

3. web page production

here knowledge can be big, the key is the key word arrangement, how to the key word is normal, fluent written in your web page, enough for you to ponder over a few days. For the webmaster, this is the template production, so this step can not be missed.

4. publicity and promotion

you say me this single page included to flow, so I don’t need the whole promotion, included on the line, of course, this is not a bad idea, but if you choose a hot point, and you want him to rank well, high flow point, promotion is indispensable. Many of my friends say to search engine submission, but personally feel that not much need to find a good 1-2, the chain, included is a matter of course, of course, want to rely on the rankings late 1-2 the chain is certainly not, see your keywords.

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