No record site is closed, domain name parked 2, can solve the urgent problem

now the country firmly grasp the site for the record, the implementation of the "first record, after access" policy, there must be a large number of non filing sites have been closed. Today, I was unlucky. One of the websites was closed. I was the IDC’s gold agent (no face). I had prepared my own case for more than 10 days, and it hasn’t been approved yet. If it is not for the record requirements, an ID card can only prepare a web site, I have long been directly to the record Commissioner, focus on the record, so perhaps faster, or at least not to be closed, should be able to support the adoption of the record. When filing, the identity card number is from the Internet Baidu pictures search. Now it is not easy to find an identity card from the Internet. Many of them have been searched and have been borrowed by other owners. I also found a boy degeneration of the ID number, no one should think this with you, did not think this was The early bird catches. For a long time to find their identity, making an address.

is not closed station is my main station, I do not know when the record down, ready to not resolve the first time, the province did not inform me before the site is closed. I decided to use direct domain forwarding to the site, notify the customer service of the space to open, remove the domain name, a change had prepared the case of the two domain names (I was in my agent site to buy, thought they had the right to open closed the station, I will only give the right customer discount).

remember, I just learned to do the station, the use of free resources, like what a free forum every day. At that time I did not know the domain name analysis, bought a top-level domain name, it was hidden and forwarded directly. Later, Baidu really put my domain name included. I now this site has not included, just think in the record down to the home page first included. We all know that now the domain name hidden forwarding also have to complete the case of domain name can be, at least a lot of domain name registration providers have such provisions. There is need to review, this is too slow, can not wait. But the domain name is not hidden, forwarding, Baidu may be included in the opportunity to small, at least not Alexa ranking, publicity is not convenient. My domain name also can’t hide, forward, use "domain name parking 2"".

           ;     what is "domain parked 2", is a domain name can be widely resolved to their IP address, and then provide users register, domain name forwarding service. Some of the domain name 2 "is to provide hidden forwarding service, net" domain name is $2 "website. I will add your domain name in the "billion net", and then forwarded to www.***.com hidden on the site. It doesn’t seem to make any difference. It’s when you click on the inner page and change the URL of the two level domain name.

if your space is closed for the record, you can’t hide the domain name forwarding, hidden in such a way forward is a good way, may not do other Adsense links with you, but at least your web page has been Baidu.

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