To improve your website’s user experience, grab the search feature

whether it is e-commerce platform, or all kinds of websites, visitors browse the website home page, according to their own needs, search goods and articles and other related information. But for e-commerce platform, the search function requirements are different from other entertainment, consultative website is simple. B2C, C2C e-commerce platform search function, to achieve the majority of users of the search requirements. Typically, site visitors will search for information in two ways: site navigation and site search.

, according to a study by Forrester, a foreign research firm, up to 50% of Web site visitors take web site search as their main navigation mode. At present, most websites still have poor searching ability and can not intelligently sort the pages in search results by priority. Do an e-commerce platform, in order to do well, how to achieve its search function requirements, improve user search experience, is the top priority in the overall website construction. We explain the search function from the following perspectives:

1, analysis from search criteria,

search is divided into general search and advanced search. The general website uses general search and searches according to keyword or title. Whether it is Taobao, eBay or pat their search function covers general search and advanced search two functions in the general search for buyers and sellers, in view of the large e-commerce platform, from the user’s point of view, improve the user experience of providing advanced search function.

in fact, regardless of the buyer or seller, from the product type, price range, functional use, after-sales service, sellers and other aspects of the credibility of the search. In the type of product, the product classification on the platform should have the reasonable planning, search what products should appear in the corresponding product types; in the price range, many websites love with high, medium and low three of the price difference in the search interval to design, but this is not enough detailed, the general should be according to the price of similar products industry are classified according to certain criteria and the base price to search design. The advanced search function of the program supermarket uses the key words of the merchandise and the category of the merchandise and the member name of the seller to design the search, here I think should also set a price range. No matter what the buyer of the software or the seller of the software cares about, in addition to the quality of the product, nothing is more concerned with the price of the product. In this design, but also to supplement, in order to better improve the experience.

2, analysis from search keywords

when searching for a keyword for a product, the results I’m searching for should include the entries that include the entire keyword. Second, the number of items that can be ranked with keyword related content. Rather than subjective news releases and reports. The key word for the product should be in the most critical position where the user can get the product and other relevant information.

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