Shen Napeng entrepreneurship can not only make a great company to make money from the dream

Shen Napeng: Sequoia Capital global executive partner, Sequoia China’s founding and executive partner, is also the founder of Ctrip and home inns. He is the highest ranking Chinese investors Forbes 2012-2015 annual list of world’s best investors, and since 2010 four consecutive years Forbes Chinese best venture capital, is the only one on the list of "fortune 2015" Chinese’s 50 most influential business leaders "fund investors.

Shen Napeng is currently the chairman of the China Entrepreneurs Forum, the president of the Yale China Center, the Asian Association, vice chairman of the Beijing Equity Investment Association, executive vice president of the Zhejiang chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

learning tyrants Shen Napeng resume called perfect, both entrepreneurs and investors. In each tuyere, he can capture sharp, gorgeous transformation. For example, in 1994 returned to the investment bank, in 1999 the Internet venture, founded in 2005 Sequoia Capital China fund, investors began to live. 10 years, Shen Napeng and his team cast a long string of wind and cloud company, he was also respected as the godfather of investment". June 25th, in the office of Sequoia China Shanghai, Shen Napeng accept Beijing News reporter interview. He said, is the era of air pushed him to continue restructuring, in the choice of each intersection of life, he made China economic bullish options. Luckily, every time he’s right.

air push me to continuously convert character

Beijing News: you have a lot of identity tags, such as Ctrip, such as the founder of Sequoia Capital Partners, investment godfather, etc., which role do you value most?

Shen Napeng: entrepreneurs, I like (the enterprise) from scratch, from small to big feeling. Today I was an entrepreneur, Sequoia Chinese is a business enterprise, from the beginning of three or four people ten years ago, there are now more than and 100 people, sixty or seventy investment team members, multi industry coverage, also from the angel investment has been done in PE investment.

Beijing News: what is the driving force to promote your ongoing identity change?

Shen Napeng: We 60, after 70, mostly by the tide of the times to push away. Back from the United States to invest in China’s investment bank, because China’s capital market has just started, I feel very excited to participate. Later, the rise of the Internet, I think we can create something in the new economy. Later found a number of areas have the opportunity, as investors can participate in more. So, to a large extent, I follow the air.

Beijing News: why do you so keen to seize the opportunity?

Shen Napeng: I’m trying to find a good opportunity, but usually I’m not the first one to try. I’ll see if I’m fit.

Beijing News: do you give up the opportunity to "do not fit"? It seems that every time you choose right.

Shen Napeng: yes. For example, from Ctrip left, there are some large

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