Talent website promotion experience offline

recently made a Shandong talent web site, offline publicity and promotion methods, particularly summarized below:

1, university city propaganda method, as a new talent visibility is low, basically no user access, some recruitment information above is copied from the Internet, but also copy method, corporate e-mail phone must be true, if also the latest recruitment information. The first black propaganda name card is still pretty cheap, the price of 4 yuan in 100, to determine the volume according to the actual situation, I temporarily printed 2000. Then go to the University City, hire a person, send 1000 to find about 30 yuan, you can, when the payment of the main requirements of senior students, according to the dormitory issued, each dormitory is not more than 3. This method is also quite good, if there are students released resume, and then send resume will automatically send to the enterprise mailbox, then enterprise will pay attention to the web site,

2, the talent market promotion methods, talent market propaganda method is a good choice, the home page and print name card, then I also printed a banner "good work life – job on the net work in Shandong" and then hung up the door opposite the talent market, talent market doorway to hang ah then in the morning! Go to the exchange of personnel, in the enterprise put their own display card, send them some propaganda name card, can also talk about their relationship, and Lara


office promotion, if you have the energy and time, if there is money, also can hire someone to talk to people in charge of the office, to send a name card and some of the company’s human resources department, can also add some.

above method looks relatively simple, but the specific good, the effect is also very obvious!

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