t’s critical to make good use of every penny in the Forum

my station, so far has not broken through 30 IP, send me a few IP it! Make a forum, make good use of every penny is the key.

not all stations are profitable, and profitable forums are only a small part. A large part of that kind of living stop, and a lot of stops, just as good as the expenditure. And, as soon as you start, you need to buy domain names, spaces, all of which need your own money. And it takes a lot of time to run a forum. If you give up your station, you’ll feel the money is gone again, and the time has gone. No more money, it’s really not worth it. I think there are several points to be saved:

first: in appearance,

LOGO: many webmaster are looking for professional designers to design, in the outdated design, a LOGO ordinary price is more than one hundred. It’s good to have an easy to remember LOGO, but is it worth paying so much for an LOGO in the early days of the forum? If I don’t earn a penny, I might as well buy the money. For example, buy 8 without these for forum T floor, although T building, popularity is coming, go quickly, but at least you look at the traffic that day will laugh. You can also use these money to buy some QQ members like, you can also buy mobile phone delta card to those excellent moderators (ten dollars in Taobao’s mobile phone card to buy one hundred pieces of delta) buy separately. You can win a lot of people’s favor.

template: do forums, a lot of people want to get a template of their own. Like LOGO, too. The one and only。 How much is the forum template?. At least 200 more. There’s no need to send this money. Send the money to excellent moderators and excellent members. It’s much better than a template.

: in content,

buy data: many webmasters think at first that the forum is not popular enough, they will find a way to buy data, or collect the data of the designated forum. Content is accumulated bit by bit, and not rely on you to buy, it is better to spend the money to ask a few moderators, to operate, to manage. I don’t know how much to buy the data, but one thing I know is that it’s not worth the money to buy the data.

third: SEO

I believe that many BBS webmaster, may think of this, optimize your BBS, can be more easily included by Baidu. But because they do not go, so will think of, specifically looking for people to optimize their own forums. Unworthy。 I don’t know how much traffic the optimization can take to a new forum, but I don’t think much of it. It’s not worth the money.

More than

is just my personal opinion. It doesn’t mean everyone. If it’s wrong, please don’t call names.

wrote in the end: it’s not worth it, and it’s not worth it. How can you save money on the idea?. All I think about now is only one

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