How to make a fast forward area talent website

may be relatively long, but definitely is the technical problem of course this wise remark of an experienced person! Has nothing to do with technology, the research on the other! I hope everyone a lot of criticism


first introduced our website: Yiwu talent network (a talent network) positioning services in the Yiwu area of professional talent website. Provide job posting, resume registration, position recruitment, Internet recruitment advertisement, window display, headhunting and other services. Comprehensively solve the employment problem of recruitment in Yiwu. Our philosophy is: a good platform, good work, good talent!


our website is characterized by its late start and rapid growth. By the time we started in 2006, the other Yiwu regional stations had been operating for 4 years. At that time, our goal was to do business, to build brands. In 2007, because of the choice of procedures mistakes, take many detours, in August 2008, all this began to change.

August 2008, our offline business has been excellent, and the reputation, reputation and effectiveness of local recruitment are first-rate. The salesmen are all very hard to spell. The soft underbelly of the network is very steep now, at that time, 400ip less than one day, the activity number of 100 people or so, just can not take out the mesa. The company immediately decided to investigate other websites, so that people do not have me, people have my essence. Where we can’t be, we should learn from others with an open mind.

first of all, reform is image. Corporate logo identification is the most important factor in competing with others. Our opponents are doing very well in this respect. We also abandoned the horse logo that used many years to motivate a lot of salespeople. Because that’s a famous painting by master Xu Beihong. Used after the first is not easy to print, second is particularly complex. Third, bigger and copyright issues. So facing Yiwu, began to collect signs. There are some graphic design companies sent a little idea, but otherwise it is too complicated, or it is not very smart. I have visited the park one day, found a horse shaped sculpture, handsome and elegant! Immediately flash, camera, back with CorelDRAW after simple treatment, a sign of birth (pride here). The logo color is red and black, and other colors are determined immediately. The enterprise image system is preliminarily established.

secondly, the site architecture. The original structure is not reasonable, many columns overlap, and the code is not very normal! Preliminary decision, front all used div+css color elements according to the new logo! In fact, this is the new design! But great consideration. Because completely abandoned the original, very influential on the included. However, There’s no making without breaking. According to past experience, careful coding, optimization, overtime, a month or so. New website! This one of his off A fighting spirit soars aloft. Rio!

point the day and await for it!

(it turned out that the decision was quite right. The new code is very friendly, included in the update, included pages rose substantially, related keywords ranking rising quickly. The success of the PR update to 4~ effort has not been wasted

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