Local talent recruitment station experience and ideas

want to do talent website has been for many years, finally made some talent website in the last year, Jiujiang recruitment network Shangrao recruitment network the two main or local station, and a national electrical talent network through these years of observation and more than a year of action, summed up a few points view here and share with you.

is currently a larger recruitment site advantages, the market is mainly in Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities, and in small and medium-sized cities, these sites may not be able to compete for local talent network. Because a considerable number of people looking for work, often due to geographical restrictions, generally positioned in their current city of life, so accustomed to the local website. The current market positioning a recruitment website, mainly for white-collar workers, and now China’s economy is still largely dominated by manufacturing, the necessary management and R & D for white-collar workers in the manufacturing industry in the proportion of very low stage of economic development. Therefore, I think the local talent market still has some advantages, Guan Jian is how to do a good job in the local market?. Here are a few small ideas for your reference. First, through cooperation with some local media, to a great extent, it can enhance the popularity of the website. And then have some influential in a regional media website, expand the depth of cooperation, seize the market, it is necessary; third, colleges and universities and some local personnel departments, some personnel in an appropriate way in Colleges and local personnel department recruitment will be organized, that is a kind of market promotion, and also the talent recruitment as a new profit model of the traditional model to explore.

fourth can break through the current fierce competition in the recruitment of qualified personnel, and participate in the talent training market and talent outsourcing market is the top priority. Human resources training market, there are already some enterprises doing, but this market is currently far from saturation capacity. Recruitment website to expand this business, has its own advantages in resources, can provide a rich source of employment for trainers. If the recruitment website relies on its own resource advantages, it will quickly enter this market and has a bright future.

in addition, the recruitment website can consider whether in accordance with the current site model, or the acquisition of a new building for blue collar Market websites to market segments, different from the current white-collar workers as the mode of the audience in the promotion together with the publicity and promotion costs will not increase the number of.

of course, this is just a few of my own views and ideas, there is immature, but also hope you exhibitions.

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