Hungry, behind 200 thousand free lunches in Shanghai

first contact to the hungry when it is in the Hangzhou branch was established in 2011 to enter the market at the time of the Xiasha University, hungry is everywhere saolou distribute leaflets hard cock, but now it has become a ho throw 200 thousand copies of free lunch Hao Jie.

bitter, hungry, the growth of history,


2011, bitter hanging hungry to distribute leaflets in Xiasha University and began to crazy poverty, schools around the snack bar. Let me hungry not impressed by their peers than the more refined cash coupon type delivery leaflets, but his name and domain name with =ele.me, hungry, because in the Internet work, so in Xiasha see this name and domain name let me aftertaste for a long time.

then around the snack bar in Xiasha school can often see hungry door stickers, this one bedroom to distribute leaflets to businesses, door stickers approach is very useful in the college market. In the university campus market, take out leaflets countless, but more is the merchant’s own leaflets, generally used two times, also can’t find another change of order. Hungry is through flyers let student have initial impression, and then through the campus surrounding the snack shop door stickers advertising to repeat into the students’ mind, students will eventually in the course of contacts into the network ordering takeout way.

has seen a lot of hungry articles before and after analyzing the pros and cons of it. There is little to do with the early development of hungry. I was watching the hungry grow step by step, at first just hungry users, feel good, remember once wanted to contact the hungry, they interview the founder, and later because of the delay will not think settle a matter by leaving it unsettled hungry, so Hao now regret ah, if at the time. Can a coincidental entry of hungry, is now worth millions.

hungry, the growth of several key external causes: 1. campus takeaway market blank; 2. after 90 become college students; 3. campus market competition level is too low; 4., thanks to mobile Internet cafes.

campus market has been takeaway demand, but had been businesses minding send their own delivery leaflets, because businesses generally have their own home do not distribute leaflets don’t distribute leaflets can sell more consciousness. But the reality is that there are countless delivery leaflets university dormitory every day, the two day lost another two days, so the development is just the business hall food takeaway business extension, platform takeaway market almost blank.

then, before 2011 the takeaway market although there are a lot of entrepreneurs, but most are college students entrepreneurship, business ability is limited, not only can’t make students do not set the business, did not have enough capital to promote, so most just try settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Because the consumption ability of college students is low, it is not college students, and few of them can see their value. So, finally, we are fully aware of the hunger of College Students’ market value. Graduate entrepreneurs have taken this market.

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