Website promotion method — human feelings promotion

human kindness is something that Chinese people attach great importance to. You respect him for a foot. He respects you and says he is human. At first glance, it seems that with the promotion of the site is N pole can not hit things, but in fact not.

people have one thing in common: they want to be noticed. If you go to a website and no one is paying attention to you and talking to you, would you like to log on to that site again?

website now has the function of initializing greetings. It seems that when a member has just registered, someone will say hello to a new member. In fact, this greeting is not worth talking about. On the website much, everybody knows, that is the greeting that the website produces automatically, a form is just. I am now registered in another website, and do not look directly at the kind of greeting, I feel no fun. I had joined a QQ group, just join the group immediately in a separate window to greet me, it makes me feel very warm, I will often pay close attention to this group, although I joined the group of many. As a webmaster, you should try to take the time to say hello to your new member, even if you only write a few words, that’s what you care about members. If someone says hello to you, can you ignore it? Can’t you respond? When members come in, it is likely to be a long-term dive, which is not good for the development of the website. Saying hello is just a simple greeting, an initial exchange. I will often pay attention to some of my members of the dynamic, there is a very simple way, is to see their personality signature. Many people will habitually put their mood or things are written into personalized signature, such as: depressed, cold, hot hair, moving, and so on. See these signatures, you go to ask for a cold is serious? Did you take medicine? What depressed, what kind of hot hair, let members feel that you are always concerned about him, care for him, then, is not completely indifferent, the members continue to dive, he will be willing to communicate with you, chances on the website will increase a lot of active.

is to talk with members of some of the topics they are interested in, everyone will be interested in their topic off the reel, even if he is a very introverted person, that is to say than his usual number. Talk to men about football, military, and other topics. Talk to women members about clothes, cosmetics and the like. Communication is natural. In stationmaster, male stationmaster is in the majority, the likelihood does not understand to the thing such as dress, cosmetic, the topic that follows female member will be less. That’s OK. You can ask them and ask them for advice on topics you don’t understand. If someone really asks you questions, would you like to keep your mouth shut? You share a common topic with your fellow members.

webmaster are busy, busy maintenance site, busy enriching the content of the site, but still should take more time to communicate with your members. Of course, you can not communicate with every member, so many members, it is impossible to do everything

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