bought a click advertising experience in Ali’s mother

A few days ago to see Ali mother

to engage in activities, click on the ads will buy 50% cash back program, it is to encourage people to buy advertising, let everyone know to buy advertising process and will bring the advertising effect, so as to let more people spend their money on Ali’s mother.

want to do today suddenly prompted by a sudden impulse to click on ads, to see what effect, choose a good preparation on the site, and to advertising, I chose a video download www.xulee.cn video download Thunder and a games game download site www.yoyowu.cn travel network game room. To set the price per click


the price is set at 0.08 yuan, the daily limit is 5 yuan, and the end date is not filled.

because I as advertisers account only 1 dollars, it was Mom sponsorship, prompted me to the consumer account recharge, my Alipay did not verify end can not pay the balance, the bank had to choose, but do not support the electronic bank, so it can not recharge success, I think this is all. Click on the ads is not to buy, also close to do anything else.

went through half a novel, and when I added Ali ad, I found my ad account was negative — look at


this makes me very confusing, I did not succeed is not able to recharge should complete the purchase I click on the ads, consumption accounts for only 1 block did not reach the minimum amount of 5 yuan he said, even if the completion of the purchase maximum is 5 yuan, the 20 yuan of consumption is how to


and a click is 0.08 points, then the 21.52 yuan click should be 269 times, but in the statistics, but there is a discrepancy,


even if the statistics are not the same, there can not be a gap of 15% ah, my consumption is less, if it is hundreds of thousands of that, the gap between the amount is even greater.

this is the first time in Ali to buy advertising experience. Leave a lesson for those who want to buy advertising later.

hey… You have to pay back,

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