The website has been re recorded by Baidu by K


website was launched in early 2009, when it was confused and didn’t know what to do, so it chose a game information station where you were interested. Feel Dungeon Fighter Online this game popularity is good. So choose the key words: DNF, DNF, plus DNF, sign in three keywords. Also registered on the A5 domain name www.57dnf.cn, and then quickly set up a web site with DEDE5.3. Do not understand HTML, but do not understand CSS. So the site template has not moved, and want to wait for the flow after the big, buy a good point.

after two months of efforts to update, pseudo original, change the title. The site was quickly indexed by Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other major search engines, 80% of which came from Baidu. Should be considered as an optimized and good website (ha ha, I don’t understand SEO, maybe the content is king)

May 10th traffic chart


keyword: DNF plus DNF sign in, do Baidu home page, target keyword DNF, Baidu two page third. There are also some long tail brings a lot of traffic.

there are two people in May 11th plus me, QQ said to buy a monthly advertising website. A horse is said to form, I was refused. Another says buy a home page recommend article, release an article can. Give me 10 pieces a day. So I took the list.

May 12th

found Baidu site correction phenomenon, so the 12 pm will delete the article. But 13 of the time the site was plucked! Then I asked the buy advertising, he said that in fact they that article is linked to the horse form. I coma! Here to remind everyone that the horse is untouchable.

since the website is K, and the keyword ranking of the website is very good. It is necessary to make efforts to re Baidu included. In the Internet to find a lot of articles, the general meaning is to increase the chain, increase original article. Now it’s impossible to exchange links with people. So I went to the forum and bought two. This is not the choice of PR high. And should choose Baidu included more, it is better to Baidu included more, and PR is not high. That price is cheaper:)

can’t afford more, just two. Build a few blogs, publish articles, increase the chain. Also is to maintain a good attitude every day, update the site, do not appear disappointed or discouraged. Persistence is important! Yesterday you checked the website diary. Baidu spider has already been here. And come every day. This time, although site still does not, but do not worry about it. In fact, Baidu has been included, but did not put it out, the next Baidu update, you can certainly site to the


summary: 1. be K, be optimistic.

2. Find reasons for being K and change it in time.


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