My life as a college student

university is really a very happy thing, most people are carefree, every day thinking about how to the home more money. Then go out for a walk. A person spends more money a month, no one else has to say, because everyone must spend money on their own family circumstances. As it seems to me that many people spend hundreds of dollars to buy a pair of shoes is a waste, there are also people looking at me is a waste of soda. Everyone from a small contact environment is different, say a more harmonious words, "his world outlook, values is not the same."". But what I want to say is that students who have never been short of money don’t look at others in their own way.

remember the "Summer English weekly" college students looking for summer promotion, was due to many people still let you get a similar speech activity, probably let you tell me why you are going to participate in the activities, promotion and so on. At that time, most people said that they were trying to increase social experience, only to make money. I’m sure there are a lot of people who want to earn money, but I’m sorry to say so.

went to college and I applied for a student loan, but I didn’t want to keep asking for it. I want to earn money by my own hands, and I should be able to support myself when I go to college. A study on University village basically did not marry a wife to have children, have been a mainstay of the family, I don’t want to let my parents every day for my work, if not to help the family I also hope to be able to support myself, although I haven’t done but I have been trying to. For 21 years, I felt a lot of depressing things. When I was older, I stopped playing games. But I skipped class frequency has obviously increased, the most ridiculous is the sophomore semester, many classes a semester plus up to no more than 10 times, c++, data structure of these professional courses, especially the escape of the fierce. By the second term, I was a little more convergent, but I didn’t hold on to it. After the mid-term exam, I began to take very little classes.

I still remember the first semester of my sophomore year. The tsunami told me, "I’m taking more vacation time than my eleven long vacation." "yes, that’s it. I don’t go to school for more than a week.". Out of the mix always have to return, and mixed with the underworld is still life, mixed school is also a score, it is expected, my final exam hung two branches. The second semester final exams, although not fail the exam, but that day I felt a little bit collapse, absolutely can’t fail the exam, then fail the exam I really want to go home. That day I was a lot of pressure, when the pressure of the college entrance examination is not the time, and the fight was a college entrance examination preparation, and the final exam I didn’t have any preparation, is entirely due to. Luckily this can I succeed, not fail the exam.


did not fail the exam but I suddenly feel very lost, the loss is from after the examination period. When I was a freshman learning although not how, but always think of their programming in the class can still row number, the second to buy a computer, just started to really think of the computer after more to take practice programming, beginning indeed.

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