How do get web traffic

in July 2007, I wrote in my source code template network (www.codemb.com) an article on "3 steps to get web traffic.". There’s a lot of difference now. It’s time to consider a new plan for the webmaster in 2008. Some old techniques still apply, and this time we’ll tell you what to do and not to do.

1 keyword

Before doing anything,

uses a keyword tool to do an extensive survey to see which keywords / words are appropriate for your site.

2 domain name

if you want your website to be bigger, then you can sign up for a domain name that ends with COM. Never register a CN domain name.

3 adds content

produces more than 50 pages of real original content for your site. This will make spiders desirable, and this will give you the opportunity to learn more keywords from search engine results.

4 site optimization

use the keyword you choose in the title (the most important), and then try to include everything in size, title, and text. Make sure your page / content is about these keywords. If you want to sell gadgets, write about gadgets. Don’t just repeat the word "gadget" in the text.

5 site map

creates a site map that contains all the page connections within the station. Keep update.

6 friendship connection

just submit your site to the right site and ask them to contact you too, but exchange links with a higher weight.

follows the 6 simple steps above, and I’m sure your website will get high traffic within a year.

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