Do station, earn 10 thousand and 5, as well as helping people to work

at the end of 07 as the company’s office began to enter the personal webmaster Road, think it has been 3 years have said, do stand as work, I’m not here to fight some of the new enthusiasm, but as a bit of experience of the veteran, I am willing to remind everybody that the owners of the road is not easy, the need to adhere to, and the momentum is what you insist? Is the interest or just to make money for the power is prompted by a sudden impulse? Or just want to have a website? It must think of doing before, or to give up the idea.


website is really started to profit at the beginning of this year, the income is not very stable, here I published my station of the income and expenditure of a month, but we don’t think that I have come to sun income, when you know the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, won’t think so.

many people think that this profession is very enviable webmaster, always be labeled IT elite, high-tech talent labels. In fact, we follow " Shagen " similar to keep a cow, expect the cows grow up, can be sold, and then take a wife, a family, That’s all. Although the form is different, but we are with " silly root " as in the rustic cultivation, work, the pursuit of their own future. "My website supplies mainly sell printing ink supplies products, so choose a short and easy to remember domain name: In the early stage, it mainly focuses on the building of the backstage of the website, and the whole function is gradually on the line. In fact, the real promotion time is 2 years. In this year’s income is only a little improvement, the last month the average daily turnover of orders in 8, most of them are some small, the average daily income of about 1000-1200, excluding the cost, net profit of more than 500-600, one month down 500*30=15000, here although there is little access, but earned more than 10 thousand a month there is this it sounds very beautiful, looks like the victory halo has cover at the top of my head.

, but in fact it is not, I still have to work every day for the website and busy, for money matters worry, mortgage for a flat 90 house has spent 5000, down payment or dad to help pay. My girlfriend has come to mean "parents also have a car, because in their eyes, as if I was a boss". Although the house is still there, it hasn’t been decorated yet. Girlfriend is currently very unstable work, are 1-2 months of classes for a variety of reasons not to do, and in fact do not expect her 2000 or 3000 income can bring any help. But two people together is still very large, monthly rent to 1500 (no house decoration, not moved past), 800 meals per month, most of the time are in the outside to eat, have to give my girlfriend to buy clothes, shoes, life, the film is relatively small hydropower went out to see, are not at home. I sometimes see the movie time.

my own expenses probably only have to smoke, and clothes are less purchased. >

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