How profitable is the local gateway station

local site starts actually very simple, can say very similar, but the local site profit can be described as very need to study side.

is now doing nothing more than advertising, advertising, Ali, mom, Google, and so on. Where is the most suitable site on Google ads, not to say that I admire this, because it is better to do, of course, this depends on personal preference, Ali mother: -) is a new advertising model, if your traffic is not great, I recommend that you do not do this because, Ali Mama advertising is to have a certain flow can be done successfully.

good website will have good marketing tools, with good marketing, good promotion, good popularity, so as to have a good profit oh. Where the site is particularly profitable in here, in addition to advertising, can put is the local business advertising, such as www.baiyinhome.com can do is a travel channel, many local businesses are the object of their development, a good partner. Because you want to have a good income and good reputation of the website, to some extent, you should focus on the local merchants, but they are your "shake Qian Shu" ah. You must first make analysis, research direction and opportunities for them to develop their own website, reasonable correspondence they can have profit orientation, good promotion plan, only to let them see the opportunities, saw the benefits, they will be in your website advertising.

is a small city where there was such a profitable site, to various categories of local telephone numbers to make advertising position, although such interest is very small, but can not be ignored, and this could easily lead to government departments have a cause of concern, because they are in order to let more people know their phone, but on the other place cost is high, but your site cost is very low, it is the choice of this kind of profit, is to your site in the local can have a certain reputation.


module where the site can make local housing intermediary, real estate, bureau of personnel, have a lot of friends to recruit part-time secondary aspects of advertising investment, of course, you must ensure that your information is the latest and most complete, otherwise there is no one for you to do Oh, my site the information channel is very good, we can learn from the reference.

The last point is

, with the local merchants to cooperate to get the benefits, many businesses in general computer city like we are the goals of cooperation, can make in their brochure printed on your website, because a lot of people love online shopping,. This is the key in your website to make a similar intermediary layout, can contact the merchant, the products do a good publicity, let friends network query and order at the same time, your site’s visibility and popularity will go up.

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