Do you want to seize the nternet opportunity to become a pig on the outlet

According to the statistics of the number of Internet users at

China have tasted 800 million, WeChat mobile phone has more than 600 million users, the Internet has become a large number of entrepreneurs nuggets, will attract a large number of domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to enter the gold every year, even the traditional industry also joined them, more entrepreneurs to become the second Lei June is into the embrace of the Internet business regardless of personal danger.

ten or even five years ago, in the Internet industry in the eyes of the people who will be a lot of people think that is a very big thing, especially in traditional industries of the Internet in the eyes, they are more like mumbo-jumbo. Now, with the advent of the mobile Internet era, when 60 year old uncle aunt played on WeChat, when poor county youth also began to try dating when Mo, the Internet for them and the life of the concrete.

the popularity of the Internet, almost all of the entrepreneurial projects are linked together. In the past, rich people online life. The Internet industry mainly solves the problem, but in the mobile Internet era completely comes, the direction of the Internet industry will move towards the transformation of traditional business completely forward, will completely improve people online life experience.

looking back at the past 2014, to see what the media frequently get exposure to entrepreneurial projects, such as the Huang Taiji pancake shop. This is the mobile Internet entrepreneurs on behalf of the project?.

I think this may be an Dongsheng, the Internet industry and traditional industry fierce collision under the special product of the times, when the Internet and traditional business together, in the end to what the egg? It was all very curious. These are the traditional Internet business thinking on the Internet, to give a lot of investors with a new imagination.

In fact, this also indicates that the

of the Internet online service has been the Internet giant separatist and deep plowing, the decline of pure online business projects. For the giants, they do have a moat, unless it is in the transition era, they will not be easily subvert entrepreneurs.

pure online service Internet entrepreneurs more and more difficult to reverse, the traditional line of talent shows itself, commercial giants are not familiar with, or is not online bonus, giants are not willing to go the bones.


, most Internet entrepreneurs are likely to be many years in the Internet industry veteran, and then began to venture in the industry. Now the field of Internet entrepreneurs from all walks of life, this is because in the current hottest tide O2O venture, need more traditional industry, with in-depth industry, traditional industry practitioners more obvious advantages, the more likely to occupy the dominant position in the Internet business in the army.

why is this


personally, I think the Internet is becoming a tool for everyone to use, or equivalent to "water" and "electricity", such as the basic material, with the help of the Internet

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