Ten ways of getting industry information

a lot of friends read my article, there is a doubt, especially for the industry do not know very well friends. That’s why there are a lot of data and cases in my article, and some analytical stuff. Not just parroting. Especially recently, "Baidu: one of the most difficult searches" has come out, not only has there been a big boost in the amount of hits, but it has also raised concerns about how to form the content. The biggest contribution here is all the information I get from the Internet and traditional channels.

1. Subscribe to industry news via search engines.

my most frequently used are Baidu and Google mail subscriptions. RSS subscriptions have also been tried before, and that information is too large and easy to duplicate. (different websites reprint the same news, which leads to the same news). General can subscribe to their concerns of the industry news and keywords such as news, I personally subscribe to the "Internet news", "news", "domain name", you can also subscribe to such as "advertising", "network marketing". Subscribe to what you want according to your research direction and interests. If you work for a company, you can also subscribe to your company’s name and products for keywords, and you can also subscribe to the news of your competitors. This is a very effective way to get the best information every day.

two read the news by browsing the industry portal.

I mostly browse the IT channels or 3C channels on the portal, and the IT information portal.

typical portal IT channels are: Sohu, IT, Sina Technology, NetEase technology and other

typical IT portal: tianjiwang, iResearch, Analysys International, Sadie, Zhongguancun online, PConline, IT.com.cn,

and other online bear

three, access to information through some of the industry’s typical websites.

these portals, in fact, also belong to the industry portal, but they focus on feature articles or an Internet group. Therefore, often can make good articles.

such as matador, featuring news based.

, such as admin5.com and chinaz.com, is very representative of webmasters as the main group.

, such as news in the first financial magazine, has a high probability of being reprinted and is well known for its in-depth analysis.

The information that

gets through these sites often helps you get an original view, or the latest information.

four, access to information through the SNS site.

this kind of website is characterized by large flow, the content of the article is generally relatively short, but often users will contribute some of the essence of the news or experience out, can help you get more thinking point.

I often browse >

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